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Embrace the Curl

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Embrace the Curl

Ma nouvelle devise « Plus il y a de boucles, mieux c’est. » J’ai embrassé la tendance naturelle. Mon dernier lissage remonte à 19 semaines, et j’ai envie de garder mes boucles au naturel !

J’ai grandi dans le sud de la Floride où le culte de l’apparence est hyper important au quotidien, du coup, je ne m’étais jamais sentie super à l’aise avec mes cheveux bouclés. Entourée de filles super apprêtées aux cheveux lisses, j’avais l’impression que c’était la seule forme de beauté autorisée. C’est là que j’ai commencé à céder à la pression du lisse et à renoncer à ma nature profonde. Après plusieurs années à NY, je commence tout juste à aimer mes boucles ! J’ai arrêté de stresser sur ma tignasse et accepté cet état de fait.

Bon, les nouvelles idées de coiffage, c’est toujours un challenge, donc je suis ouverte aux suggestions ! L’idée, c’est d’accepter sa nature de cheveux et d’en faire quelque chose, quel que soit le style ou la texture… acceptez ce qui vous a été donné au départ !


Ajouter le votre
  • Your curls are stunning! Rock those natural waves, so many kills would kill for hair like yours, xx

    Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

  • I would give anything for curls. I was quite young when I was first subjected to a perm. Later, I had pencil-straight hair, down to my bum (the lower end, not the top). Still, it it had been CURLY, I would have been in heaven. My ideal was a woman in my advanced physics class in university who had hair like a right triangle out from either side of her head, it was so frizzy. I loved it. Later, I learned to put on makeup with one hand, while holding a curling iron in the other. Totally straight hair looks forever like a mouse that just came in from the rain. Give me curls!!!!

  • Great post dear!

  • Charlotte 20 juin 2016, 4:46 / Répondre

    Yes I love big hair! I always try to get as much volume in there as I can. My hair changed a lot over the last year and it starting the curl all of a sudden. But with me the frizz is out of control. Anything to tame those little monsters?

  • Sophie 21 juin 2016, 2:45

    Ha! I’ve experienced exactly the same thing! I didn’t even realized it until someone called me Sophie-with-the-curls (always fun when you share your name with millions of people) and I was like « but, but I have straight hair… » Nope. The frizz is awful though. Please, born curly people, share your secrets!

  • This is in response to Sophie who doesn’t know what to do with the frizz! I’ve had long curly hair forever and I swear there’s nothing better then mixing these three together and applying to damp hair: Aveda be curly curl enhancer + Aveda confixor gel + AG recoil curl activator.

  • Helene 21 juin 2016, 10:43

    To avoid frizzy hair and only keep the curls, I dry my hair with an old shirt. I don’t know why, but since I stopped using a towel and replace it with a shirt, my hair is smoother and the frizzy aspect has gone.
    It is the Best trick I learned this year: washing it with conditioner at night+ wrap it in a shirt+ in the morning unwrap and spray some leave-in mist.


  • Moi aussi je suis une bouclettes girl ! Les boucles expriment beaucoup de choses et changent même selon l’humeur, le temps, la fatigue, la joie, etc, un vrai indicateur de vitalité et un apporteur de joie !
    Je ne pense pas que les coiffures soient importantes avec ds boucles : c’est la coupe qui l’est, et surtout surtout trouver LE coiffeur qui sait coiffer les boucles ET ne pas imposer sa vision des boucles (genre la vision des boucles romantiques sur une personnalité rock…).
    Welcome back dans le pays des boucles !

  • Your hair looks more wavy than curly, real curls are a lot harder to wear au natural. I have the weirdest frizziest and lightest hair, a real pain! I tend to flat iron it, which obviously only damages and makes more fragile, because its the only way it looks neat, otherwise it makes me look funky. When I do not straighten it, I wear it in a high bun, that’s the easiest for me. But I have this thing where I feel like I cannot be well dressed and have MY hair the way it is… I do suffer it though, I think curls are great when they come with heavy and full hair, otherwise way too complicated.

  • Exactly what I was thinking! This is more of a wavy than a curly head Alison :D! My friends called me Passant with the long curly head for years (that’s a nickname not a description) and I talked about it here when I embraced it here: http://www.fashionparadoxes.com/2016/04/22/back-to-old-school-natural-curly-hair/ When you grow up you kinda go to straighten it more and that made my curls more out of place, but whatever it is, I’m loving it and embracing what you’ve is the message <3

  • Leah Rose 20 juin 2016, 9:52 / Répondre

    I have such awkward kind of wavy but kind of not hair. I almost never leave it out when it is natural but I’ve made an effort to embrace it recently since I got it cut!

  • I’m also going au naturel since I was 15 and realised that my efforts to tame my curly hair came to nothing. You should embrace it, my hair now is my trade mark look, people recognise me in a room full of people just because of my hair (and my Twitter pic of course!) The longer it is, the easier it will be to keep them in order. Plus it’s true, most women are jealous of curly and voluminous hair, no need for any special styling, they just look great!!!

  • Gilly Doyle 21 juin 2016, 2:59 / Répondre

    I’m going through similar. Years trying to straighten naturally very wavy hair. Now I love them, but I’m still trying to find a product that tames the frizz without clogging up my hair with heavy products which just makes it greasy. Any suggestions of which products keep things tame, light, bouncy?

  • Very true, nearly all my friends that used to straighten their hair as teenagers now fully embrace the natural beauty of their curls!


  • j’ai fini par accepter mes cheveux qui ondulent et bouclent n’importe comment, après avoir passé des années à les vouloir lisses, maintenant, c’est bon ! :)


  • I love your ear rings, may I know where it is from?Thanks

  • Great article! I’ve had a similar experience. My main advice: experiment! Everyone’s curls are so different. Not combing my hair after applying product and using moisturizing products (but not a ton) were most helpful for me to manage my curls. I use a diffuser for a few minutes in a pinch, when I need to be somewhere right after a shower and not have sopping wet hair, but otherwise leave it in the cabinet because it makes my hair huge (though if that’s what you’re going for, more power to you!).

    I think in addition to embracing the texture of my hair, embracing the types of haircuts that are complementary for curly hair (for example, NOT a blunt bob, sadly so in style) was also part of my « hair journey. » My new motto is, if it looks good on me, it’s in style.

  • I have been in a love/hate relationship with my curly hair since childhood. I don’t totally mind the curl, it’s more about wanting to look edgy…and I always feel too cute with curls. I do like the loose and relaxed look of curls, especially in messy up dos. I love when small pieces wing out and do their own thing, there is a wildness to uninhibited curls. If you are not feeling the love for curls one morning, I say go for some boxer braids!

  • I have naturally curly hair and I recommend going to the Deva salons where they cut your hair dry. Curly hair should be cut dry because it is so different when wet. I love the Deva Curl products! There are two salons in NYC and you will learn exactly what to do for your type of curl. I will never have another wet cut again or use any other products. Give it a try!

  • Great post! My life changed after discovering « The Curly Girl Handbook » by Lorraine Massey two years ago. Thanks to her « curly girl method, » I am no longer at war with my curls, and frizz is a thing of the past! No more blow dryers, straightening irons, or fearing what the fog will do to my hair. Not only have I embraced my curls, but my silver, too!

  • I find myself staring enviously at girls with gorgeous curly hair. Embrace the curl!

  • DaveysHouse 28 juin 2016, 7:25 / Répondre

    Motion Lotion by Paul Murphy works well. Wool Wax is also good for very humid blustery days :-).

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