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J’ai commencé à remarquer quelques fils d’argent dans mes cheveux…
Ça ne me fait pas peur, et d’une certaine façon, je suis même curieuse de de savoir si je finirai avec une magnifique chevelure argentée à la Sarah Harris ou une mèche improbable comme Storm (oui, celui de X-Men…). Mais si ce n’est pas le cas et que ça devient trop voyant, je ne sais pas encore ce que j’envisagerai.
J’ai toujours imaginé grisonner de façon harmonieuse et je n’ai plus tellement envie de me teindre les cheveux… mais j’ai aussi envie de garder mes cheveux noirs jusqu’à au moins 70 ans ! Et là, je découvre Hairprint.
C’est une nouvelle marque de produits capillaires qui révolutionne la façon d’aborder les cheveux grisonnants. Plutôt que d’opter pour une teinture bien chimique, c’est un produit qui agit directement sur la pigmentation du cheveu, lui rendant sa couleur d’origine, pré-grisonnement (plus d’informations ici). Dingue, non ? Et génial.
Plutôt que de dépenser des fortunes chez un coloriste professionnel ou de galérer à trouver sa teinte dans les colorations maison, ce procédé enraye le grisonnement. 
Je n’en avais jamais entendu parler. Et vous ?

p.s. C’est non-toxique, hypoallergénique ET 20 % des bénéfices sont consacrés à l’éducation des filles !


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  • I’m gonna have to try this!

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  • i must try this: i am exactly in the same place that you are. i have some white hairs but i don’t want to dye my hair! :)

  • Jamais entendu parler non plus, on se demande comment un produit peut arriver à rendre une couleur passée ! J’avoue ça me laisse un peu dubitative. A tester, tiens nous au courant si tu essayes !

  • This sounds great, I’ll definitely check it out. I’m « only » 29 but I’ve started to get grey hair over the last five years and I’ve been dyeing my roots for about the past year… they were scattered through my hair and in noticeable places like the part so I didn’t think it looked « cool »… I still don’t worry about getting 100% or touching up too often, but a more natural solution would be great if it really works! :)

  • I am hoping like you, that it will come in pretty–Sarah Harris pretty is a bit to much to wish for. At 50 it looks like I have silver Christmas tree tinsel decoration mixed in my dark brown hair. I cut my hair to my shoulders, keep it well cut and blown out at all times. I much prefer looking well groomed than anything else and dyed hair usually looks dyed not natural.

  • melissaleehealing 14 octobre 2015, 8:45 / Répondre

    I never really had any problem with the grey hair coming in, more with the wrinkles that seem to keep coming……

  • this is the coolest product post that i have ever read on your site-

    of course, brown, blonde, gray or white hair is all beautiful, it depends on how one feels in one’s skin and therefore how we present to the world.
    but, it’s nice to have a choice. i don’t feel like having grey or white hair, but it’s happening. i still really like my natural color and am not quite willing to part with it yet. yet i am so uncomfortable with the chemicals and toxicity of even  »natural » hair dye.

    so i was intrigued by the description you gave about  »reverting to natural color » naturally, and read through
    the entire Hairprint website and science to see if that was the case;  »Genius », as you said Neada, is right!!!!

    i am all FOR this company and its natural hair pigment goals, in addition to its ethical and environmental thinking and methodologies. they have approached the issues of both hair color and toxicity in a novel and brilliant way.

    thank you for this excellent and relevant post-

    now, i am going to try and see how it works on my very graying, dark brown hair!! :)

  • OMGoodness, is this for real?!? I have been going grey(er) and have avoided dyeing my hair because I have so many different shades to my hair, I was scared of losing my natural colour. Am off to order this now to try it out ;)

  • si j’ai bien compris…ça ne fonctionne pas sur les blondes c’est ça?

    alors quoi faire???

  • I am so happy to see there are options that don’t involve toxic dye! Recently I’ve been searching for some recipes for natural hair color on the internet. I am going to order some dried sage leaves to make a rinse and try that out on my hair. But if that doesn’t quite do it, I am going to check this product out! Like everything else about aging, I think if you go gray, it means that you have to step everything else up about your look. Maybe these cool women going gray will change all that though, and it will be just another color someday.

  • Intrigued but can’t find many reviews of Hairprint products. Please keep us posted anyone who decides to use this!

  • I’m sad this doesn’t work for redheads, otherwise it’s a great idea! I’d rather have red hair with white than forgo the white and dye the whole lot brown.

  • Did you just discover the Fountain of Youth? Maybe not, but I must try this on my early-greys!

  • Neada!! Thanks! Have you tried it already? Does it work? Sounds great! Tell us if it works!!

  • Would love to hear the results of anyone who has used this. I am eager to try it….but would have to wait for someone traveling my direction to bring it. If it works….it’s worth the wait.

  • penelope 26 janvier 2016, 2:58

    Bali Retreat, maybe i’m coming this spring! :) I have used it and it is really wonderful. Healthy. Natural. Everything they say. If you want a natural healthy alternative you may not want to wait. (my hair was damaged and dry before and now it is coming back to life) <3

  • I am in love with this product! It makes my hair stronger and it makes me look naturally youthful. My real color! All my highlights are there without having to add any in. It is not opaque. My hair is shiny and moisturized.
    And I love that it does not smell and it actually feels good when i put it on. (does not feel like poison!)
    And ohhh… the packaging. Fantastic!

  • Hairprint has revolutionized how I care for my hair – I LOVE it!

    I have been using it for over a year and its such an incredible product.

    I had been using henna for over 15 years and it was drying my hair out.

    Now, Hairprint not only gets rid of my greys, but nourishes my hair – amazing!

    Thank you!!

  • Hi Garance!! I really liked that you posted this ! I find it very useful for us girls that do not want to dye our hair or change our hair colour when some greys come over ;) !! I saw some comments and will try this product for sure! Of course I´ll post my own feedback afterwards to share it with the rest of readers!! best!! XX

  • Hi, I have tried this and as promised I post the results…. and I have to say that it is really fantastic, I looooove the product!!! It is a very good product and very easy too. You get exactly you are told on their webpage, it is really cool that you posted this! Thank you Garance!

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