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On dirait que les 90s sont (encore) de retour. Difficile de faire l’impasse : colliers ras-du-cou, Dr. Martens et Keds ont droit à une deuxième chance… et nous, on ne sait pas trop quoi en penser.

Ajoutez à ça une nouvelle série télé, Hindsight, sur une quarantenaire déçue par la vie qui se retrouve replongée en 1995.

Bon, le milieu des années 90, ce n’est pas si lointain, mais la série nous a fait nous interroger sur ce que ça ferait vraiment de revenir à cette époque-là, après tout ce qui s’est passé depuis. Au moins, on a compris que dans les 90s, on avait tout bon question sneakers et jeans !! Haha.

Vous en pensez quoi, vous? Vous êtes contents de retrouver cette tendance ou vous avez juste envie qu’on arrête de vous soûler avec cette frénésie 90s ?


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  • I like the 90’s. My adolescence was on the tail end of it so maybe that’s why I identify with the era. True, there’s some awful fashion, but I do appreciate aspects of it. I like grunge and the fuck you aura of genXers. I like the way there was a real subculture back then. Nowadays culture-hungry masses descend upon it so quickly that everything becomes mainstream in 2 seconds flat.

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  • I was a teen in the 90s so it influenced me a lot and I think I never left behind the minimalism from that time. But the rest of the trends, it is fun to see them around but, no, thanks!

  • I loved the nineties. It felt optimistic, the clothes were for normal people, not only for skinny ones..:) well, I still somehow wouldn’t want to wear that style any more…
    And I love the music of that time. And the music videos that told a story.
    But of course I was 16 in 1990 so the nineties for me were a time which normally is a beautiful period in one’s life.

  • moi, c’est les années 70 qui me saoulent, on y a encore plus souvent droit et forcément depuis plus longtemps.

  • 90’s have a very special place in my heart- first love, parties, circle of good friends, minus stone slimmer…:) I’m wholeheartedly embracing the 90’s!

  • As long as we can keep the glitter lip gloss safely back in the 90s, I’m in!

  • despite the fact that eyebrows were awful, 90s were cool. There was this brit-pop explosion going on that was so cute and cheeky, we wore adidas gazelle and t-shirt above t-shirt..I give a big yes, not only regarding the style,but the attitude as well (Happy Mondays people! ? love them)

  • I loved the 90’s! The end of the secondary school, university, boyfriends, moving out from my parents’ to my tiny studio, first job, etc. Ahhhhh…. And fashion was sooooo much better than in the 80’s ;)

  • I grew up in the 90s, so the clothes and fashion and music will always be close to my heart! I do agree with another reader’s comment about a true subculture existing back then. Everything is so trendy now, anything slightly cool becomes killed in a week, and things just move so fast. The 90s were an age before iPhones and social media, and time seemed to move slower. The 90s seemed more genuinely fun.

  • This looks really similar (and is probably inspired by) « How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh? » which is even funnier because the main character gets transported into communist Poland.

  • Blow over… i thing that period was not so stylish at all.

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