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In the Accessories

Ce week-end, j’ai aidé une amie à alléger sa penderie (j’entends par là, réussir à la convaincre de ne se séparer d’absolument rien) et j’ai réalisé qu’avec chacune des pièces -qui méritaient réflexion- qu’elle sortait du placard et m’exhibait, j’imaginais une tenue qui incluait : des claquettes noires (ou des mocassins, maintenant qu’il fait froid), et des « jolies lunettes de soleil » (ne me demandez pas pourquoi). Et ensuite, bien sûr, mon imagination s’emballait et à cela s’ajoutaient une paire de BO en or (probablement vintage), une probable ceinture, ET dans mon esprit, c’était moi qui portait toutes ces tenues, pas elle (hey, Kenya, je peux t’emprunter ça ?). Mais ça m’a surtout fait penser aux accessoires – chose à laquelle je ne m’attarde pas au quotidien, mais je pense que je devrais commencer à m’y mettre ! Les accessoires peuvent vraiment faire passer une tenue banale au niveau supérieur, vous ne trouvez pas ?

Et vous, quels sont vos accessoires préférés ?


Ajouter le votre
  • Where are these loafers from?!

  • Church’s

  • I’m not a big fan of accessories, but accessories are important cause they complete the look and like you’ve said they can take an otherwise normal outfit to a new level !!

  • I’m not a jewelry person, but I’ve recently jumped on the scarf train! Very into tiny neck scarves these days.

  • Love those loafers!

    My daily uniform for the past five months has been: printed or plain long, easy-cut silk slip-dress, over grey/navy/black/white wife-beater or printed T, yoga leggings underneath to keep warm, with sweat top/leather jacket/chunky cotton cardigan/denim jacket.

    The items I (unconsciously – I say unconsciously, as I don’t set out to do, or think of doing, this daily: I grab the same bag for two months or so, then switch it when I feel like it – kind of with the seasons, it would appear) accessorise my daily uniform of above with are: soft leather bag, my numerous earrings, rings, bracelets and a few pendants I also wear non-stop.

    The two items I « consciously » accessorise are my shoes: they sit on the ends of my legs, which I see a lot throughout the day. My footwear does get more attention than any other item I wear, and I will wear one pair for a whole week, then change… And, little neck scarfs (you’d be surprised how such a little strip of silk will make you feel warmer, without feeling hot in winter, but send you to the edge of heat- stroke in summer) are the other item I like to pay attention to, they are such fun to wear. While they don’t match anything I wear, I do pay attention to them before I slip out of the house.

    I wear a lot of antique rings, and bracelets that don’t change until they break or fall off – they are mainly beaded and woven friendship bands, so don’t clack too much. And I like wearing my array of earrings in my multiple ear piercings, that I put into my ears and leave for months, years at a time.

  • Yeah, totally loving those loafers too! I live in sweaters and jeans and any loose clothing, all winter long.

  • My favorite accessories are Aurelie Bidermann stacked bracelets, large rings, french colorful light wool scarves, Repetto Zizi’s and G. Kero hand painted french t-shirts.

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