La Beauté Lupita

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La Beauté Lupita

Je ne sais pas comment j’ai échappé à cette vidéo, mais franchement elle vaut vraiment le coup d’être vue, surtout sur un blog où l’on parle aussi souvent de beauté et d’acceptance de soi.

And to never forget the “deeper business of being beautiful inside”.

Cette photo provient de la campagne Lupita pour Lancôme.


Ajouter le votre
  • Je l’avais déjà vue … vibrant. Je m’étais totalement retrouvée dans son discours.

  • i have no idea how she can speak without crying…


  • acceptation de soi…. ;-)
    tu deviens une vraie américaine ;-)

  • Growing up my mother straightened my hair. It was the only time I saw my parents fight. He said, « You’re going to teach her to hate herself. » I thought ‘No dad I want to look like my friends and the models I see in the magazines, the people in movies.’ So I straightened my hair for years.

    Then in college I cut my hair off, I had a little Afro. I loved it. When I went down the cafeteria right after leaving the campus barber, I caused a stir. Someone said, « We heard you cut your hair, we were all ready to laugh at you. » No one did. Another student I had never talked to before came up to me and said, « You look beautiful. » It was the first time a stranger had ever said that to me and I believed it.

    Now in the summer I let my brown skin get darker (though I wear sunscreen) and I have a big Afro . I know the most beautiful anyone can be is when they are themselves. You have to love yourself unconditionally. I learned that there are little to no signs in the world and in fashion that how I look is beautiful. I am not white, not blonde, not tall. But I love my Black skin, brown Afro and short self. I wouldn’t want to look like anyone else other than me. I think if more women would just be themselves – beautiful. We could start a much needed beauty revolution. I hope we do someday.

    Thanks for sharing this Garance.

  • Dear Temo what you shared is just as beautiful as the video….I think the time to appreciate ourselves and our inner beauty has come! I am with you in this great idea of a revolution…


  • She is so inspiring and unique!


  • Love this, she’s such an impressive woman.

    My Fashion Blog

  • She is such a classy lady!

  • Love this. Being an African-American woman, if you’re not confident within yourself, it’s easy to let the worlds definition of beauty seep in and utterly discourage you and put you in a « place ». I’m still trying to overcome it…WAY TO GO LUPITA for being able to.

  • Lupita is a great beauty from which an amazing light shines. Lovely speech.

  • your photos are the prettiest!

  • La photo est splendide !

    Bisous, Manon

  • Très juste son discours et pourtant sa peau à été très éclaircie dans la compagne Lancôme.
    Tant qu’on continue à photoshoper les femmes pour véhiculer un standards de beauté unique (caucasien à vrai dire) les femmes, quelque soit leurs couleur de peau ou physique auront un complexe ou un autre ….

  • C’est étrange mais je me suis fait la réflexion inverse en voyant les nouvelles campagnes Lancôme! Je trouve que son teint y est similaire à la réalité, elle est radieuse!

  • I am of South Indian descent, with two loving parents who would have done anything for me. However they were of a time and generation where to be pale skinned equated with beauty. ‘Fair’ was a description of skin colour which equated to beauty. I was often told by family friends whilst growing up that I would be pretty if I were ‘more fair’ that is, paler. I completely relate to Lupita’s description of her childhood. I would have given anything to be pronounced ‘fair’ and therefore beautiful. I spent my adulthood rejecting this view and saw beauty in woman of all skin tones, but never applied it to myself. I disliked the colour of my skin in the summer. Even with sun block, I would become much darker within five minutes of being in the sun. This continued for 46 years of my 47 year old life, until a family holiday in Spain last year, when I looked down at my legs and was startled to realised that I liked their darker hue. Even though I had been portraying a veneer of self acceptance, it was only that. Underneath there was a part of me that still believed that I would be beautiful if only I wasn’t so dark. So thank you Lupita, I hope that somewhere in the world, a young girl will see your message and will stop defining her beauty and self worth by the colour of her skin.

  • kelebogile 27 août 2014, 4:11 / Répondre

    Growing up in South Africa in the 60’s, I loathed my dark complexion. Like Lupita, I woke up every morning, looked in the mirror to see if God had answered my prayers and made me light skinned. Teachers at school gravitated towards lighter skinned girls. In primary school we had black coal stoves, and one day in class, our teacher, while reprimanding me, referred to me ‘as black as this stove’. The other children laughed and I hated that I was dark skinned. I told my mom, and the next day my mom marched me into the headmasters office, asked her to call my class teacher and told them that they should never again refer to my dark complexion. She told them that she was working very hard building my self esteem and they had no right to destroy it. My parents always made me repeat the expression  » I’m black and I’m proud, say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud » from the sixties. Today, in my 50’s, I am always complementing little girls who are dark skinned.

  • Victoria Regia 27 août 2014, 4:23 / Répondre

    If I went to school with this girl, I would immediately assume she was a model. How could anyone give her a hard time about her looks? She’s stunning!

  • She is so lovely, inside and out. What an inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing this Garance.

  • Cette jeune fille est vraiment une source d’inspiration de par sa beauté, sa fraicheur et son naturel. Elle est d’une élégance infinie dans tous les sens du terme… FABULEUSE!!!

  • She’s wonderful!

  • Absolutely beautiful words and an absolutely beautiful woman.

  • Wow, ça c’est un discours… une belle leçon, pour tout le monde, cette fille est sublime, intérieurement et extérieurement !

    xx CarolineJ

  • Amazing

  • So cool that you guys posted this, nice to see this perspective acknowledged on your blog.

  • Magnifique ! Son discours résonne au fond de moi, elle est très touchante et délicate…

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