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Je cherche toujours des trucs sympas à faire à NY, à part aller dans un bar ou au resto. Je sais que NY a des tonnes de choses à proposer, c’est juste qu’il y a peu de choses qui m’enthousiasment vraiment (le problème vient clairement de moi, pas de NY). Mais heureusement, un nouveau cinéma vient d’ouvrir dans mon quartier, le Metrograph, et ça a l’air d’être exactement ce dont j’ai envie. Vous en avez entendu parler ?

Il n’est pas encore complètement achevé, mais je suis allée jeter un œil le WE dernier : non seulement ils projettent des films sublimissimes, anciens et actuels (pensez Singin’ in the Rain, Sueurs froides et Carol) mais en plus le Metrograph offrira un restaurant (très bientôt), un espace lounge sur balcon, une librairie et un magasin de bonbons !!!! La soirée de mes rêves. Bref j’ai déjà l’intention d’y aller ce week-end pour voir A Space Program au sujet de l’artiste Tom Sachs. Trop hâte !

Et vous, il y a des endroits sympas qui ont récemment ouvert dans votre quartier ?


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  • Very cool to hear that you’re enjoying Metrograph. I can’t wait to go next time I’m in the city.


  • I always loved dancing. Not writhing around to pulsing music, but ballroom dancing with a partner. It’s almost like tennis–like a sport where one side lobs the ball and the other has to be up to the challenge. It’s all proper and absent of any nightclub meat-market atmosphere. Of course, knowing how to dance is a requirement, but it isn’t rocket science–with three months of lessons, you can do amazing things, especially with a good partner! It’s exercise and good clean fun but also somehow romantic in that B&W movie of NYC way…..

  • I am really bad with trying out new things.
    I think that the only new things I have discovered lately are cafes. :)
    But I just love finding a new cafe! Especially if I find it before others and I can always sit at my favourite table. :)


  • Me too!!

  • <3


  • Nothing as exciting as this!

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  • mosaic_world 20 mars 2016, 7:14 / Répondre

    I can’t think of anything really new locally but I am definitely in a rut for entertainment. I love to visit my local museums. I enjoy regularly visiting my zoo. it is not the fanciest or best funded zoo but when the temperatures are cool, the animals are pretty unpredictable and very fascinating to watch in their groups.

    this is off the topic a little but the image at the top reminded me of this Jacques Demy film, Les Demoiselles de Roquefort (The Young Girls of Roquefort). the music, colors, and costumes are so fun. it has a very romantic story. I guess the theatre you described seemed like the type of place that might play that film. I think it is not as poignant as his famous film, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, but I still find it delightful.

  • Hi! I am not familiar with the film but if you are in the area, you should definitely check out what is playing at the Metrograph. I was in a rut for entertainment as well…

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