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Miller E-Bikes by Enki Cycles

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Miller E-Bikes by Enki Cycles

Here’s the thing about bike riding: I love to do it, but I hate sweating. And I’m a real sweater, which isn’t ideal when I have to go places, say… like work. I would often (lovingly) complain to my fiancé about this, as he’d watch me change into active wear just to do my 15-minute commute-ride to work each day. But, because he’s a do-er he wanted to solve that problem. He wanted to make an e-bike. He’d already made one e-bike, the BMX-style Billy, I wanted something more sleek, and more unisex. All the single-speed e-bikes out there made me want to gag a little… they were just so ugly. And, as much as I wanted to not sweat, I also wanted to look cute. So we made Miller by Enki Cycles. A chic, urban commuter e-bike, with the battery hidden in the frame, and a no-fuss belt drive instead of a chain so that my dress wouldn’t get dirty, and I wouldn’t have to maintain – or oil – it.

You might recognize my name from stories here on Doré, my first of which was about how I left my 9-5 for life with no fixed address. But that didn’t stop us creating this bike. We built the prototype and travelled around Europe with it, testing it on all the roads around the world. We filmed video wherever we went, my son strapped to my chest, forgoing extra shoes in our suitcase for a tripod. And now we’re here. With a live Kickstarter campaign (check out our cute video with a couple of cameos by my son, Yuki) that’s already been funded! And, more important an awesome, really, really ridiculously good-looking e-bike – something I once would’ve thought was an oxymoron.

It literally takes out all the boring, un-fun things out of riding, and brings it back to just plain joy. And seriously, who doesn’t want that?

Sarah Tarca

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