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New Habits

Est-ce que je suis la seule à ne pas avoir de rituel beauté fixe ?

Parfois, j’ai un peu honte de ne pas accorder plus d’attention à ma peau. Mais la routine, ça m’ennuie, et certains jours, j’ai envie de prendre un peu mieux soin de ma peau que d’autres.

J’aimerais vraiment prendre du plaisir à me pomponner. Comment vous vous motivez, vous, pour rester assidue dans votre rituel beauté ?


Ajouter le votre
  • Hi Drink lots of water, eat salads & fresh fruit along combined with nit so healthy food and most importantly ALWAYS moisturise your eye area

  • J’avoue que je ne m’occupe pas non plus suffisamment de ma peau, je me couche parfois sans être démaquillé par exemple, bon je ne mets pas de fond de teint tous les jours non plus…

  • I don’t. I thought I was the only one who didn’t enjoy « pampering » myself – my definition of pampering is someone doing it for me… ;) Moisturizing my body, using hair balsam and not only shampoo, trimming my nails … Don’t get me started… It annoys me. I would do that only when situation is truly alarming or I need another way of procrastination on my work. ;)
    Sorry, no help here!

  • I have to make time on a weekend – after I have a bath and am fully relaxed is always a good time to do some pampering (yaaaassssss guurrrl).

    My blog: http://www.bymybedside.com
    GO CHECK IT OUT! Otherwise, I’ll find your closet and replace all your shoes with those ugly white sneaker things. Your call, my friend.

  • I don’t need to motivate myself to take care of my face–I enjoy the process and find it relaxing « me time »–but I haaaate body care. Especially moisturizing–I just feel like it takes forever haha.

    One thing I always do while getting ready is watch YouTube videos/TV shows, though–it makes those couple of minutes feel more fun and less like something to check off your get-ready-in-the-morning list, and for when I finally get around to moisturizing my legs, it distracts me from the fact that my lotion is taking 15 minutes to soak in!

  • la routine m’ennuie alors je n’ai pas de routine beauté, mais du coup ce qui me motive, c’est plutôt d’alterner les produits, crèmes, soins, textures, odeurs… pas tous les jours, mais régulièrement.

  • When will the fix the language problem be fixed?. I can’t get the blog to come in English in my Bloglovin feed. I’ve tried everything! Thank you, merci!

  • Natalie 27 juillet 2016, 3:14

    Hi Linda,

    We are working on solving the RSS issue as soon as possible! In the meantime, we appreciate you coming to the site via the traditional URL x Natalie

  • Hi again can I just say…as you age (I’m 60) you will reap the benefits of beautiful skin, especially on your face, eye area, neck arms & legs if moisturise moisturise moisturise

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