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Now Hair This!

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Now Hair This!

Vous avez remarqué cette mini-tendance aux coupes courtes ou têtes rasées en ce moment ? Ça m’a toujours intriguée et Sinead O’Connor a été une vraie pionnière en la matière. Même si je ne me sens pas encore prête à passer ce cap, on dirait que ce changement a eu un effet radical sur les carrières de plusieurs mannequins.

Ruth Bell (que j’ai découverte lors de l’émission de casting Elite Model, j’avoue) vient de se raser la tête, ce qui lui a ouvert pas mal de portes… dont celles de McQueen et Saint Laurent, excusez du peu. Et puis il y a les jumelles Fotine Paura : crâne rasé pour les deux, et résultat tout aussi impressionnant…

Du coup, je me demandais si c’était une technique vieille comme le monde : faut-il un changement capillaire radical pour devenir célèbre ou susciter l’intérêt ? Où est-ce qu’il faut aussi avoir la grunge attitude pour que ça marche ?


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  • it’s cool but I couldn’t pull it off


  • For me it comes from the vision we traditionally have of long hair… I mean, whatever the culture, it seems like every little girl has been raised thinking that long hair means feminine, beautiful, glamour… etc. Given that fact, It is actually an act of bravery to cut your hair when you’re a grown up lol !
    So may be, cutting your hair adds some « balls » to your look, to your personality, and people get that unconscious message: « that girl is strong, free from the long hair diktat, she doesn’t care, she must be really interesting and ballsy… »
    I think, cutting your hair is taking a risk, and when talking about fashion, it’s something that industry generally admires (even if it doesn’t sell, it will be appreciated)

  • Gutsy and full of ‘tud! Were it not for my (somewhat prominent) ears and what I suspect may be an interestingly-shaped head under this mane of mine, maybe…But I have to admit, I’d be traumatized. One short, short haircut long ago was enough to scare (scar?) me. BUT, I think it’s super cool on the right person–it bespeaks confidence and personality. This, I suppose, is what makes it so hot and interesting, especially when it’s something perhaps the majority would be nervous to do.

  • I’ve shaved my head twice. I love it. I’m thinking of doing it again. It’s easy and surprisingly feminine – it really puts the focus on your eyes and lips.

    98% of women I know who are tempted have some bs excuse why they couldn’t do it. I think most women can. And should, at least once. Fuck the idea that you need long hair to be a woman.

  • Totally Nadienne! Hopefully one day I’ll take the plunge! x

  • I believe that that femininity is an attitude, a state of mind. I shaved my head once and it was a great experience. It made me stronger and let me explore other elements of my femininity. EN PLUS … I can tell that the boys were falling at my feet like never before :D I’ll be more than happy to do it again. Women must end with stereotypes. Beauty depends on how you feel, how you walk, how does it feel to look at yourself in the mirror. I agree with Nadienne, at least once you should live this experience.

    Hair grows, do whatever you want with it!

  • à chaque fois qu’il est question de coupes….courtes….je le redis…….ma vie a changé le jour ou j’ai adopté la coupe jean seberg….apres des années de cheveux longs…..

    je ne ressemblais à rien avec mes cheveux longs…..pourtant tres beaux…sains et tout …le regard des gens sur moi a changé ………bref j’existais …mais c’est surtout mon propre regard sur moi………………je m’aime!!!!

  • I buzzed my hair a few years back and loved it! Besides the ‘no maintenance’ factor, I noticed that people actually looked at my face, rather than glancing over me. I plan to do it again when I make the decision to let my hair go grey naturally (still a few years away!).

  • love this look ; my hairdresser got a similar haircut. Have to admit you need some very expressive eyes and long neck to pull this look off.

  • Carole Bouquet did it. It seems it wasn’t on purpose, though. A self-trim gone bad! She’s gorgeous no matter what.

  • Well I actually did this two years ago! I went from waist-length hair to 9 milimeter….and it turned out to be….one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! Not only your hair goes off, but all of the hair issues as well, you no longer think about hair and hairstyle, because there is NO hair to think about. Plus, washing it takes like 5 seconds. I strongly recommend to every girl – try it at least once in a lifetime, you will see nothing feels so light. You will feel strong and free just because you got enough courage to do it. :)

  • Oooh, talking about pioneers,what about Robin Tunney in Empire Records? That was pretty grunge-y and angst-y but also super cool :)

  • Nadienne nailed it. « Fuck the idea that you need long hair to be a woman. » I’m thinking of putting this on a t-shirt.

  • Sinéad is the only one who could pull off this look because she was so meltingly pretty and feminine . I don’t find this girl has the same melting quality. She just looks hard. A mistake.

  • Always stunning…but it does require enormous confidence either because a woman knows she is beautiful, or very interesting, or she couldn’t care less what others think (always the best way to be). There is so much average looking hair out there. I have no choice. My genetic package did not include thick, strong hair with a nice hairline. My biggest problem with my nearly bald head is that I have to be on my best behavior. All the time. I’m interesting looking and just pretty enough that no one forgets me.

  • I shaved my head, and LOVED it!!! I felt so sexy and my husband loved it too (or said he did), even though it was very androgenous. I did this in my early 30’s so you don’t have to be super young. My mother rocked it in her 50’s and also looked killer. You have to REALLY own it though, and a good shape of head helps. Do NOTs are too much makeup and jewelry; which look like you’re trying to metaphorically glue your hair back on. Just mean, it just makes you look uncomfortable with your look. It is a shock, and takes getting used to, and growing it out is lots of fun as I found some of my best styles in between then and now. Great medium haircuts that I never would have tried otherwise, like shaved on just the sides, and asymmetrical short cuts–all of which my husband gave me, or I gave myself.

  • Ya…the twins…not so stunning…maybe less with the accessories would help … ala Sinead.

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