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Overnight Sensation

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Overnight Sensation

Une peau sublime pour celles qui aiment dormir.

J’aime beaucoup dormir, j’adore mon lit. Je l’adooooore. Vraiment. Donc forcément, un produit qui me promet des miracles pendant que je dors, ça me parle. Franchement, c’est génial de se réveiller avec la sensation d’une peau toute douce et lumineuse. J’ai commencé à utiliser le Baume purifiant aromatique de Darphin il y a quelques semaines. J’avais la peau qui en pleine éruption (la faute au rosé et à la moiteur new-yorkaise) et je cherchais une crème apaisante… et un produit naturel.

C’est hyper facile à utiliser : on fait pénétrer le baume – qui contient 12 huiles essentielles – en se massant le visage (une noisette suffit), et on va se coucher. Sur moi, les résultats étaient visibles au bout d’une nuit : moins de boutons, peau moins irritée et teint plus uniforme.

Ça y est, je suis accro. J’essaie vraiment de suivre les conseils au dos du pot, qui recommandent de l’utiliser une à trois fois par semaine. J’ai vraiment du mal à ne pas en mettre tous les soirs, donc j’alterne avec une huile à la rose, qui fait aussi des miracles sur ma peau (souvenez-vous, c’est un anti-inflammatoire).

Et vous, vous utilisez des produits qui agissent pendant la nuit ? Vous avez un produit fétiche pour une peau nette ?


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  • Moi j’utilise après le démaquillage et après avoir rincé ma peau de l’huile de rose musquée de chez Marny’s (marque espagnole très recommandable et qui sent super bon!!!)

  • korean cosmetics include sleep packs: sheet face masks or creams especially designed to deliver benefits while you’re sleeping! :)

  • I use Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate in the Night, I love it. And for a clear skin I use Lemonade Strip Flash peel by Ole Henriksen, once a week follow by Kiehl’s Epidermal re-texturizing Microsoft-dermabrasion struben.

  • MissPimpin 25 août 2014, 12:37 / Répondre

    Le retexturing activator de chez SkinCeuticals
    Teint plus lisse, plus uniforme, plus lumineux
    Ce produit a tellement changé ma vie que c’est devenu un plaisir de faire ma routine du soir !! :-)

  • I love sleeping too! The only thing I put on my face before going to bed is the Vaseline lip balm :) I don’t like using it during the day because it’s very heavy but guaranteed, in the morning I have the softest lips ever.

  • I use a night serum recommended by dermatologists, great to purify!

  • I like to sleep and I use a serum and on the lip only honey balm. xa

  • Lately I’ve been loving the Sunday Riley Juno oil, the Clinique Smart repair serum, and the REN Omega 3 serum oil, which smells divinely of peaches. I like rose and rosehip oils, too, and the Clarins Blue Orchid oil is sublime.

    Curious about this Darphin one now, tho!

  • Clinique’s Turnaround Overnight! You wake up looking better than the day before.

  • Olive oil never lets me down ;)

  • I use Chanel Le Nuit serum for overnight treatment and it does miracle with my skin. For clean skin, I use clover tonic after washing up my face with ordinary foaming face wash.

  • J´adore Darphin et le soin d´arome a la mandarine:)

  • J’ai une crème anti-rougeurs de chez Avène, que je laisse poser une nuit sur deux, et pareil, l’eau et l’huile de rose sont mes favoris! C’est vrai que se réveiller avec le teint frais et sans affreux boutons, ça permet de bien commencer la journée ;)


  • Je devrais essayer l’huile à la rose


  • Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioner works really well. You can use before bed, after cleansing and instead of toner. It’s intended as a seasonal treatment, to use every night for a couple of weeks or a month, as the seasons change, but can also be a one-off anytime thing. The Dr.Hauschka « way » is to eschew moisturizer at night, allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate on its own. On waking up, I find that my skin is very balanced, pores are minimized, redness or blemishes are minimized or gone altogether. It’s lovely. It comes in little ampules which are very easy to travel with, so I sometimes use instead of toner (during the day) when away from home.

  • Yes, oils are great for skin overnight recovery. The one you mentioned sounds pretty good. Have you tried the Get Spoiled facial oil yet? It has an amazing assortment to help even out skin tone, hydrate and even help with rosacea. Here’s the link if you’re interested (and if you can include it in the blog):

  • I use twice a week after exfoliation Wild Rose Overnight Sleeping Facial by Korres. :-)

  • I’ve been using organic shea butter I bought at a pharmacy and it works great.

  • I had been using Rodin Olio Lusso at night, but switched that to morning because I loved the glowy, dewy look it gave my skin. I use two of the three Chanel resynchronising products La Jour and La Weekend (wonderful for hormonal breakouts and the pigmentation that comes with it), but did not purchase the night treatment La Nuit, because I opted for a cheaper hyaluronic acid product, Hydraluron by Indeed Labs as a serum. It is great if your skin is dehydrated and is very reasonably priced compared to the other things I use. I then use Chanel Le Lift Crème Fine on top for my night cream. Very happy with the combination.

  • Am I the only one who expected something COMPLETELY different seeing the headline and the illustration..?

  • J’ai pensé exactement la même chose :D

  • I recently read that one of the makeup artists massages the girls’ faces for a few minutes when he or she’s applied a whole lot of moisturiser to the face- so the skin feels wet.

    Because I don’t have a particularly inexpensive moisturiser (Apotcare Light Facial Cream and USANA body cream on my face are what I apply alternate days with great results for clear, rosy skin), I wet my USANA moisturising facial wash (it’s the most gentle, balancing and thorough cleanser I’ve ever used- and I’ve tried many, due to sensitive skin, wildly swinging climates and a times in heavy performance makeup). Once wet, I massage in small, firm circles over my entire face. Starting at the forehead, I massage all the way around my temples, down across the cheekbones and around eye sockets, into the hollows under my cheekbones where the sinuses are— my gosh— the tension and tenderness that’s sometimes there at night and in the mornings. Then small firm circular massage down my jawline, chin, around lips and up and around my nose bridge and tip of nose.

    The whole face is a acupuncture or acupressure field for the rest of the body. So this is the most amazing thug to do each night and every morning if you can. It’s the ultimate self-indulgence for two minutes each day and/ or evening. And your skin is simply amazing and fresh as a result. Those feel-good endorphins just rush through your body as a result of your facial self-massage so your face just feels unbelievably relaxed and looks radiant, and it’s a great supplement and investment to your general health habits.

    My skin has never glowed or been so clear and calm- including at period time- and my moisturisers seem to work even more effectively. I haven’t worn blush or any eye makeup – not even mascara or eyeliner-since starting this routine three weeks ago. Just lip tint balm or a bright red lipstick- even for a formal evening event.

  • Sorry for the horrendously wordy post. I wanted to share in detail incase anyone wanted to try it, too- just follow the curves of your face and massage tender areas longer and more firmly as needed.

    I noticed a difference immediately after the first massage overnight, and I’ve pretty maintained the glow with the daily massages. Its benefits are absolutely out-of-this world, and you can even do it yourself just before a big night out. I’ve also felt more relaxed during the day and slept better at night– all of which helps my skin to look better.

  • Et toujours rien sur les effets du régime paléo ? :(

  • All Vitamin C products work extremely good for me – like Tarte Maracuja oil or Andalou purple carrot night cream. Thanks to them I wake up with glowing skin each morning)

  • I have very very sensitive acne prone skin, and have been using Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (new formula) for the past few months. I also put La Roche Possay’s Effaclor K on the spots, below my retina A prescription cream (Differin). In combination, these products have worked really well in giving me clean, calmer skin. I also switched all my make up to Clinique to help with the process and am happy with the results. Fingers crossed the results continue.

  • I tried Cliniques overnight mask recently and thought it was great! I also LOOOOOVE the Body Shops whipped sorbet face cream :) my skin sucks it right in.. and of course I never ever forget an under eye cream and eye lash serum…and loads of lip balm

  • I use eve lom cleanaser and diffrent oils to the wet skin. And sometines I use Santa Maria Novella water.

  • I do, I have an acne-prone skin so this is a must. In the fall season I’m using retinoids, I like SkinCeuticals Retinol 0,3 High Potency Refining Night and Atrederm. Spring/summer it’s perfect time for azelaic acid and glycolic acid (Alpha-H Liquid Gold <3), I'm also using an oils: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, rosehip oil, neem oil and for the undereye area Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. For the everyday use and always for the night routine: SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, great AHA based toner.

  • Thanks for the tip! That’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’ll try it. I’m currently using a mix of organic oils of my own mix (nuts/apricot and black cumin/jojoba, I alternate), and my skin is definitively feeling better but I still have those regular spots on the chin, makes me crazy (33 and still spots, sometimes you really feel bad). I hope this Darphin oil could be a great solution.

  • Who doesn’t want great skin after a good night’s sleep! I think I definitely need to get this into my beauty routine ASAP.

  • I love the Decleor and Cartia skin are lines. I had been fighting with my skin but upon becoming informed during a facial I have been using these lines, adapting and tweaking until finding the best combination for me.
    I love my Carita eye cream and lagoon serum. I use the eye cream day and night, a tiny bit and the serum during the day under my sun screen or light moisturizer depending.
    At night I use the Decleor serum, neroli usually once or twice a week in Summer more often in Winter. And the hydra floral light cream at night.

    I found that I use a little less during the Summer because of the sun screens and after sun balms and more in the Winter months with all the dry heat etc. but funny enou when I do breakout it seems my skin is lacking moisture.

    These products work wonder for me and my skin has been amazing till lately, maybe too much rose and a little stress of back to school looming. But with a little love and care I know I’ll be back in the clear soon.

  • For Overnight:
    Nivea Night Cream for Sensitive Skin

    For Clear Skin:
    Eat healthy. Lots of avocados and tomatoes, tea (no coffee) and no alcohol. Flossing also makes a difference for my skin. When I don’t floss little bumps start forming around my mouth. Otherwise, I let pimples and zits be. Not only do they add colour to the face, but they remind other people that we all get blemishes.

  • Moi je viens de découvrir la gamme de Lierac pour peaux adultes à imperfection, et c’est la gamme qui contient le plus d’acide de fruits sur le marché français… Et les résultats relèvent du miracle sur moi. J’ai 32 ans et franchement, je n’ai jamais eu une peau aussi parfaite que maintenant. On voit les résultats au bout de quelques jours. Je le recommande fortement. Les acides de fruit agissent sur les imperfections ET AUSSI sur les ridules et l’éclat du teint. Franchement je suis bluffée.

  • Oui, je utilise huile de noisette et serum de Rituals tout melangé.


  • I wasn’t big on overnight products, until I received a Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Detox Oil. Now Im on a Caudalie diet :)) You’re absolutely right, Alex, it’s hard to not use it every single moment :))

  • salome_boreale 27 août 2014, 4:17 / Répondre

    le masque cocoon de nuit de chez akène une tuerie il est absolument top

  • This may be the product I am looking for, but the catch is it’s not available in my country. Will try to find this somewhere and get it.

  • Hi Alex, your skin sounds very similar to mine. So annoying to never know what you will wake up to in the morning!
    I’m OK on colder months but in summer I can really feel my skin’s suffering. Incidentally, what I’ve found works best for me during the night is an anti-blemish cream – even something as simple as Vichy’s one, but not the anti-age mattifying one, but the really simple one. I put that on my neckline too right down to just above my breasts as I’ve noticed my skin there is exactly the same as that on my face, it breaks out too.

    In colder months I love oils too. Really good quality argan oil does wonders for both blemishes and rosacea, and you can also use it as an eye cream. It gives great results.

    Rose oil is the best, no?

    Also, drink lots of water and eat watermelon ;)

  • Rosehip Oil and Coconut Oil has been my skin revolution!

  • I love the Origins intensive over-night mask! I understand the feeling of struggling not to use it every night. It smells so good.(love avocado)

  • I know this post is almost a year old — but I wanted to add that after reading it I was convinced to buy the Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm and test it out… It seriously has changed the look of my skin! I have been recommending it to everyone who will listen! I had problematic skin since age 9 and now it looks healthy and glowing. Thank you for recommending this wonderful product! Keep up the good work!!!!

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