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Pocket PMF: Escaping with Katie Sturino

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Pocket PMF: Escaping with Katie Sturino
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Pocket PMF: Escaping with Katie Sturino
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Escaping with Katie Sturino
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Pour lancer notre mois dédié au thème de l’échappée, nous avons décidé d’inviter notre chère amie, fondatrice de Megababe, créatrice du blog The 12ish Style, et mère des chiens, Katie Sturino, elle-même un peu réfractaire à ces besoins d’évasion. Elle discute avec Veronica et Christina du fait qu’on ne peut pas s’échapper à soi-même, du coloriage comme source d’évasion, de Sex and the City et d’encore bien d’autres choses !


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  • Nuria Serrano 6 mars 2019, 4:10 / Répondre


    I´m Nuria from Spain. Congratulations on your podcast. I like them very much, it was the first podcast that I started to listen and it is still my favourite…
    The episodes that I like the most are the Pocket pardon my french ones, but lately I think that they are too short.
    Sometimes I listen to some of them, and the conversation is lively and you have a lot of things to say on the subjetc, but the podcast ends abruptly. I just wanted to let you know my opinion. Thanks for making this podcast I look forward to the realease of the episode each week.


  • I’m following Katie on Instagram and her body positive messages …. nice to hear this Podcast

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