Pocket PMF: Marriage

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Pocket PMF: Marriage

Nous sommes super contents de partager avec vous un nouveau segment de notre podcast PMF, et on a decidé de l’appeler Pocket PMF!

Les Pockets PMF seront des episodes plus courts, des conversations entre Garance, ses ami(e)s, ses proches collaborateurs…
Dans l’episode de cette semaine elle parle avec ses amies, Delphine Del Val, Lola Rykiel et Marcela Gutierrez, de……. mariage! Mais surtout; le mariage ca vaut le coup alors?

On vous laisse découvrir, dites-nous ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires!

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  • i have never been inclined to get married but there are a few advantages to consider! :)


  • Marriage is a huge risk, but if you do it right (and are lucky), it makes life more worth living.

  • Charlotte 15 avril 2016, 7:40 / Répondre

    This was awesome to listen to. It felt like I was talking boys with my girlfriends.
    So nice to hear some things which I thought were weird to think. I recognize a bit of myself in each of you.
    Can’t wait untill the next talk!

  • Really liked this podcast. Would have been nice to hear more from Garance- seemed very closed on this one.

  • Delphine seems so lovely- loved listening to her. Clearly she has got it right on what it takes to make a relationship work.

  • When couples get engaged or married the proper etiquette is to say « best wishes » to the woman and « congratulations » to the man. It’s not polite to congratulate a woman on such an occasion.

  • Father Naomi 15 avril 2016, 9:56 / Répondre

    A friend of mine (a guy) thinks itès absolutely ridiculous to say congrats when people get married… I still do not understand why…
    Lovely podcast?


  • Another great episode. I’ve also enjoyed the ones with 1) the restaurant guy and comedian 2) the girls from Barely Famous and 3) Isabel and that other woman. Thoroughly enjoyed those.


  • Fun post! I missed the French word of the day…

  • The dishes conversation is REAL! My husband is the one who came into the relationship with the « whoever cooks doesn’t clean » rule – and it’s amazing. Of course, he doesn’t always follow it – no man is perfect. It’s funny to us when we hear spouses fight with each other about who does the dishes – it’s such an « easy » problem for us! He also really enjoys vacuuming (weirdo), so over the years we’ve found a happy balance with household chores. I do, however, break this rule when I know I made an unreasonable mess – like yesterday, when I baked/cooked for my blog. No man should have to clean up that disaster!

    Loved this conversation! It’s cool to hear different views on marriage!

  • Loving your podcast–the last two especially! Keep them coming! :)

  • agreed!

  • I love these podcasts!! I look forward to them every week:) It was interesting hearing different takes on marriage. It would be great to hear from women who have had kids or blended families or who have to navigate some difficulties in marriage. I think once kids are are around roles can change and trying to maintain a sense of self and be a good parent and partner can be a real challenge. I would love to gain some insight and wisdom into how to juggle these different parts of life while keeping your marriage happy… or just hear how others deal with all the pressure. Thanks for putting these conversations together, Garance and team!

  • Alexandra 19 avril 2016, 5:40 / Répondre

    Loved that one, really laid back and funny! I had the same conversation with my friends last year before i got married! Such amazing souvenirs!


  • Garance!
    Regarding THE dress, hav you seen Eliz susann’s white collection? I find it to be so beautiful.. Elegant, clean, sophisticated, romantic yet so subtle and minimalistic. Kind of how I interpret your style! Maybe it’s not fashionable enough, but thought it’s better to recommend than not… ;)

  • Didn’t think G contributed much to this one. Other girls were open and willing to share.

  • I adored this one!! Felt like I was in the room and able to perceive all the women’s different personalities and varying relationship with their men (from romance and sentimentalism to fun and practicality…). Loved the contrast and could see bits of my own relationship in each women’s shared perspective. Really enjoyed this – what a wonderful way to tune in. x

  • Garance, I absolutely love your podcast! Every since you started posting PMF I have been visiting your site almost every day hoping for a new one. It’s so relaxing and entertaining to listen to while I do my own work (culling and editing photos). This one was so good, I feel like I’m sitting in a cafe and eaves dropping on a table of fabulous women talking about life and love. J’adore!


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