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Aujourd’hui, dans notre Pocket PMF, Garance parle simplification avec Tori, Natalie et Emily. De l’importance d’apaiser son esprit, d’avoir des rituels, de savoir dire non sans culpabiliser !

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  • Your conversations are always a delight.
    In some ways, simplifying is a luxury. People who lack money cannot throw out clothes or other items that aren’t just right because they can’t just replace them with something better.
    Also, re saying no without guilt, look at your man and ask yourself what he would do. I bet he would say no without guilt to anything he doesn’t want to do.

  • Our grandparents didnt own attics and stock up on essentials because they were all hoarders or super consumers. They were self sufficient in the long run and frugal. We can do the same without going over board.

    Sometimes, people get caught up in the decluttering aspect of simplicity. And it becomes an end in itself. Soon, counting things and flaunting the number becomes a norm. This seems to be the current trend under the minimalism banner.

    But the larger picture : training the mind to want less, saying no more often, taking pleasures outside objects, …. all need to be talked about when talking about simplicity.

  • Love that Tori is getting involved! I listen to Pocket PMF driving to and from work every day and its the highlight of my day!

    Love from Australia! xx

  • Shireen Bora 17 février 2017, 7:23 / Répondre


  • Que la est la marque du pull done parle Garance¿

  • Love pocket PMF, big fan of Emily xx

  • elli Resvanis 21 février 2017, 10:04 / Répondre

    Loved this! what is the brand of the sweater Garance? Am always looking for sweaters that hold their shape…xx

  • Tracy Garay 21 février 2017, 3:44 / Répondre

    I love your conversations, ladies, because we are on the same page and that feels great. Anyway, on simplifying your thoughts, I read this book and it gave me very helpful tools for not letting negative thoughts or stress overwhelm you. It’s a quick easy read by an initial skeptic and it is useful and makes sense. It’s called 10% Happier by Dan Harris. Enjoy!

  • what is the brand of the white sweater you are wearing in the photo Garance? Is this the sweater you talk about in the podcast…if not what is that brand.
    thank you!

  • I really enjoy your podcast as an extension of the daily blog. Such an inspiration! Please let us know the sweater Garance mentions in the podcast! Thanks so much!

  • Such a cool podcast and a very familiar feeling of friends talking about something but talking about everything else haha.
    Could you please let us know who wrote The Simplified Mind book you are talking about? I tried searching for it but just can’t find it anywhere. Thank you!

  • So what is the brand of Garance’s sweater?

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