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Pocket PMF: Living with Zero Waste

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Pocket PMF: Living with Zero Waste

Aujourd’hui, dans cet épisode spécial de Pocket PMF, Garance discute avec Natalie, Carie et Lauren Singer, créatrice de Simply Co. et blogueuse adepte du « Zéro déchets » via Trash is for Tossers. Elles évoquent les difficultés mais aussi la satisfaction de réduire ses déchets, donnent des méthodes qui font la différence, ainsi que des astuces pour vous aider à vivre de façon plus responsable !

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  • LOVE that you guys are giving attention to this important subject. Thanks!

  • what a great show!!!
    Mine is to carry a to go cup with me. No more single use coffee and tea. I feel awful!

  • I have read about Lauren, and it was fun to hear her talk. I hope her message picks up.
    We furnished two apartments entirely with second-hand furniture (probably 10th-hand–lots of antiques), and the quality is just amazing. And the prices are so low, especially compared with new.
    I see a huge difference between the U.S. and France, but then other European countries (Germany!) do even better. They show what’s possible.
    Recycling is great, but Lauren’s model of not creating waste in the first place is even better.

  • Thank you so much for this podcast! Lauren is incredible, such a great inspiration. To know that a studio like yours is taking steps towards a more sustainable approach to fashion and life makes me really happy.

  • Thank you so much for using your voice through giving attention to this important subject (and other political ones through the last weeks). This is something I really missed on ‘big (fashion/lifestyle) blogs’ through the last years … so to see (and hear) this makes me really happy. Please keep it loud!

    Thank you ?

  • Just to echo the thanks of others for airing this podcast, and the previous story about Lauren. Reducing personal waste and consumption was something I had been thinking about for a while, and I have integrated most of her very practical tips into my daily life (as has my husband, albeit slightly less rigorously or enthusiastically!). We aren’t totally zero waste, but are moving in that direction.

    I have always loved your blog, and this kind of story makes me appreciate it even more. Please do continue to draw our attention to sustainable makers and companies.

  • This is a great website to show you small changes you can make: http://beanunfucker.com/

  • I am so glad that you are now covering this subject on your blog, Garance! I have always loved your blog but missed this part, especially as a counterweight to its consumption aspect. I guess there is a time for everything and truly hope that your voice will make some change. In any case I’ll be following you on your journey as always, waiting for more inspiring stories and insights!

    p.s. here in Holland we have our own solution to the plastic bag problem: apart from taxing them (since a while shop owners have to let you pay for them), we have Susan Bijl! I’m a big fan of her. She makes nylon bags (from the same material as kites are made from) that are cool and a perfect replacement of the plastic bag. check them out http://www.susanbijl.com. :-)

  • This is a lovely conversation: topic wise, but also how it flows and how Lauren explains things and you guys chip in/ask questions.
    Me and my boyfriend have been working on reducing our waste as well. Also I’ve been replacing our beauty products with organic ones, but haven’t gotten so far as to make them myself! I recently started following Lauren online and a she’s definitely a lovely inspiration!

  • Thank you so much for the interview! I found it very inspiring. But it’s pity that there was no word about the founder of zero waste idea, who is btw french too, Bea Johnson from http://www.zerowastehome.com. She provides so much practical information about the stylish way to live the zero waste lifestyle.

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