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Scrunch it Up

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Scrunch it Up

Notre adorable stagiaire, Margaux, porte un chouchou dans les cheveux…

… et on est un peu jalouses, parce que sur elle, ça passe super bien !! Bon, franchement, ce n’est pas la tendance qu’on a trop hâte de revoir sur tout le monde, mais on voulait juste savoir d’où elle tirait ce petit côté j’assume-mon-chouchou, et elle nous a simplement dit :

« Le chouchou, c’est un peu comme quand on suçait son pouce ou qu’on avait un doudou. On a un peu honte, mais en fait, on l’adore, ça rend un peu nostalgique, surtout quand on est loin de chez soi. »

Margaux, qui habite à Paris, passe l’été avec nous à New York !

Alors, à votre avis, le chouchou va-t-il faire son come-back ?


Ajouter le votre
  • Alexandra 11 août 2014, 2:09 / Répondre

    I have big curly blonde hair and I OWNED scrunchies when I was little, especially when worn securing a side ponytail. I actually really like the look now and I have a feeling that no one would probably notice if I started wearing one. Ok, you’ve convinced me!
    AND what a surprise, a girl from Paris making a scrunchie look chic. OF COURSE.

  • even if they were dissed in satc, the scrunchies have their own secret life in ppl’s darwers! :)


  • I’m a Sex & the City huge fun so…I’m a no-scrunch… sorry, but Carrie lost her beloved for one of those…I can’t forgive it!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Haha, reminds me of that too :) I’m also on team Carrie and therefor team no-scrunchie.

  • I love it it is so easy for your hair different fabric …color..in different countries you can find with local traditional fabric ..a small souvenir:) …it makes life easy in summer time…so why not.
    me too i am so Sex in the City…
    Yael Guetta


  • Ha! This reminds me of an SATC episode, not a fan of scrunchies. xx


  • Not generally for me…… however I saw a scrunchie in a pic (don’t ask me where I don’t remember….sorry!!) the hair was pulled tight on top of the head (I feel this was key to the look… the tightness of it… when its loose it looks more ‘a scrunchie??? no way…….. don’t DO THAT!!..oh and texture… the texture was velvet not cotton)… and it (scrunchie.) was woven within the bun…. I may try this for a future post on the blog……… or not…… but either way the chick pulled it off and dare I say was looking rather chic with it…….. omg, I said scrunchie and chic in the same sentence! its official! the world has gone mad!


  • I mean, obviously someone would bring it back. Obviously there will be someone who excepts the challenge of making something really uncool cool. And then it’s just a matter of perspective – the scrunchy in itself is not uglier than Birkenstocks or overalls or whatever other ugly chic trend. So I’m sure it will come back.

  • I love scrunchies! I’ve been sporting them for a little while now. I definitely get comments about how 90s they are but I love them too much! I think it all depends on the pattern.

  • Yes, yes, yes. I am totally down for the scrunchie trend. It reminds me of sweet childhood memories. :] // itsCarmen.com ?

  • I LOVED my scrunchies as a 90’s kid, especially the one that matched my plaid Catholic school uniform…2 kewl 4 skool, obviously. That said, I could NEVER pull one off today. My hair is too thin and it would end up looking so ridiculous! Love when people can pull it off, though!

  • No scrunchies it was ok in the 90’s but it’s one of those trends that shouldn’t be repeated

  • omg yes!!! I miss scrunchiess!!


  • When others wear scrunchies I think it can be cute, but I definitely don’t think I’d don the look myself!

    xx Ella
    Ella Et Cetera

  • Yes! I only wear those, I buy them at American Apparel, I love the velvet ones! I use them to make a big bun, instead of those ugly donuts…I make a pony tail, and then wrap it around the scrunchy and secure it with a bobby pin.

  • Je le laisse sans remords à Margaux :-)

  • Cristiana 12 août 2014, 8:07 / Répondre

    I do understand Margaux’ thinking, but no, under any circumstances.

  • I used to wear scrunchies a lot when I was a child (it was the 90s after all). I found they worked nicely on my hair. I phased them out before the big ‘no scrunchies’ commandment in SAC. But let’s face it – if they were in during the 90s, they’ll eventually come back in style. Maybe not just yet, but some day for sure.

  • Team Carrie.

  • Yes, yes, yes! I have one in fur and it looks amazing! ;)

  • I own one and i love the way feels in my hair when i do pony tails. They make the best ponytails!! BUT i don’t use it outside my house.

  • Ah non, les chouchous je ne peux pas (et je n’ai jamais pu), surtout depuis l’épisode de Sex and the city, où Carrie arrivait à savoir que la femme n’habitait pas New York, tout ça parce qu’elle avait un scrunchie :)


  • J’adore les chouchou!
    J’ai eu les cheveux long pendant des années et j’ai toujours traîné un chouchou autour de mon bras (de couleur sobre) afin de m’attacher les cheveux en couette basse pendant la journée. Super confortable et ça n’abime pas les cheveux!
    Je n’oserais par contre pas avec mon nouveau carré long. J’ai délaissé mes chouchoux pour un élastique des plus ordinaires.

  • The answer to all your questions is here, « the scrunchies of instagram » http://instagram.com/scrunchiesofinstagram

    it’s arrived :)

  • I love my scrunchies and I don’t care if people hate it. It’s the way it makes me feel. Nostalgic, childlike in a way. So evs! Team Scrunchie

  • Not a chance that I’d wear one in public, but for the sweat and tears it takes for me to straighten my hair or to protect a good blowout, you’d better believe I’d sport a scrunch around the house to protect my hair from kinks!!

  • i’ve never owned one. but i do have a little story. i once spent the night over at a guy’s house i was going out with and somehow lost an earring. in the course of looking for it, i was kneeling down next to the bed and saw out of the corner of my eye a scrunchie under it. i knew right then and there that he wasn’t the guy for me, not because i found another girl’s personal item (stuff like that happens, we’re adults), but because it was a scrunchie. somehow in my mind, i couldn’t deal going out with someone who went out with a girl who wore them. and yes, i get it…it’s VERY superficial of me, but to be honest, i dislike them that much…they are so utterly not.

  • Love the scrunchie – had a couple lying around in my drawer for a really long time (that´s how old I am) and now, after many years of short and dyed hair, my hair is silvery gray and long again and I now wear it in a ponytail or a bun held up with a black silk-scrunchie. It all depends on the fabric, really … And btw, shame on SATC for killing the scrunchie – never liked that show anyway.

  • I am thinking at this point Sex and the City is feeling more dated than the much-maligned srunchie. Long-live the scrunchie!!!!!

  • Aussi adepte du chouchou…
    En France on a une super marque qui en vend des pas trop chers avec des motifs jolis comme tout : Papa pique et maman coud.
    Ca se vend surtout pour les petites filles mais bien amené avec des jolies fringues ca le fait aussi sur une femme!

  • LOL, here in Chile, scrunchies are a huge trend!, all my friends and girls of my age use it, I’m a little bit sceptical to this becouse reminded me the SATC chapter

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