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Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

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Il y a deux choses qu’on se refuse toutes à affronter : son placard et son miroir.

– Betty Halbreich

Bon, je n’en suis encore qu’au chapitre 3 des Secrets of a Fashion Therapist de Betty Halbreich, mais je me régale.

« C’est la grande mode du clonage : aujourd’hui, il y a trop de femmes élégantes qui essayent désespérément de se ressembler. »

Betty habille les clientes de Bergdorf Goodman depuis 1978, et elle a tout vu ! Qu’elle essaie de vous persuader de jeter vos vieilles fringues ou d’investir dans de bons basiques, Betty s’exprime de façon charmante mais toujours directe.

« Il faut envisager la composition de sa garde-robe comme un projet au long cours… ce n’est pas une corvée, mais un acte d’amour, effectué avec minutie. »

Est-ce que vous avez déjà fait l’expérience d’un personal shopper ?
J’aime beaucoup l’idée d’une bonne fée qui m’aiderait a naviguer et a améliorer ma garde-robe…

– Tamar


Ajouter le votre
  • Ah non, pas de personal shopper! Il faut apprendre petit à petit. L’oeil s’éduque, le goût se développe. Une bonne manière d’apprendre, c’est de lire, de voyager, de s’intéresser à l’art.

  • I’d say HELL YES! If I had the money… which is not the case, at least for now ;-)

  • Fashion fairy godmother sounds good, but does she pays for the wardrobe content as well?!

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  • Love the quote! My boyfriend tells me yay or nay.

  • WELL LIVING BLOG 10 octobre 2013, 12:20 / Répondre

    Sounds great ! I gotta buy it !!

    XX Luba

    When fashion Blogger meets a fashion designer, today on

  • . . . my wardrobe is definitely an on going project and a labour of love as I carefully select the new additions (funny how we practically remember everything in our archive… I mean closet so we know what to add). However a fashion fairy godmother sounds splendid’


  • This is by far my favorite post. I love and agree completely for what she has to say. Agree with cloning. It is not now about individual style or anything unique. Fashion is no more new, it is just moving in circles. Hence, apparently old is gold now. Because of course no one could come up with new gold anymore. Besides, how can one have a unique style when what you see is what you want rather than have something in mind then look for it. When you see others wearing something, you want that. If every one is wearing birkin, oh! then I should have it too. Call it inspiration I call it copying and no sense of style at all. Sorry but I think this way.
    P.S. I am getting this book ASAP. Feels like I can relate to it so much.
    Happy Locks

  • Roxy de Guzman 10 octobre 2013, 12:36 / Répondre

    Great post! Thanks for the new perspective: « Think of building your wardrobe as an ongoing project– not a chore, but a carefully calculated labor of love. » This changes everything as I was feeling overwhelmed whenever I walk into my closet!

  • I love fashion, but as I get older, I want less and less. I’ve got my closet down to a few amazing, versatile, pieces, and lots of accessories.

  • Yes, me too! And it feels good – nice and neat.
    And even if you have loads of clothes, you usually wear your fav’s anyway, so why not slim it down to that (and a bit ;)).

  • gisele analee 10 octobre 2013, 1:05 / Répondre

    I must get this book! Thank you for your blogs I look forward to read Tamar.

  • just bought it from Amazon, thanks for the tip !

  • I love fashion , clothes, jewelry, shoes, BOOTS, accessories , you name it ! I am a sales associate at a luxury retailer and work with high end designer clothing for a decade, we are all trained to serve as a personal shoppers, designers create clothes, my job is to find pieces that work for a client and personalize them with a shoe, bag and accessories, that is what makes my job creative and interesting. I am the shopper that helps clients select carefully what pieces should be entering their closet so we can together create the « labor of love » ! I enjoy helping and talking to my lovely ladies and over and over they come back to tell me that they love and still use whatever I sold to them , to me that is the ultimate!

  • Tamar, you did it again, another great post! Gotta get a copy of her book to savor the wisdom. She’s been in the front line (just removed from the end users/buyers) for decades therefore she must have something that sustains her and her career.

    I treat my closet as an on going project, too, always mindful of what I already own and what I am going to own, trying my best not to always buying the same exact items. Even if I do, the old version would be let go.

  • This used to apply to me but no longer… I love every speck of my wardrobe and my reflection. Check out to know innately why you love to wear things and why you love things but don’t choose to wear them. The answers to loving your wardrobe and the reflection in the mirror lie within you. DYT will help you discover what you already know but have suppressed. And the perfect resource for all you personal shoppers out there too ;) have fun!

  • A fairy godmother sounds great, but I’m not sure who I would trust with this task. This person should not only have great taste, but also understand me and the way I live (as well as my budget limitations). Difficult…

  • I’m my mother’s personal shopper/faery godmother; I’m teaching her what I know and now she’s picking fantastic pieces all by herself! Couldn’t be prouder. <3

  • Je trouve l’idée du personal shopper vraiment bien mais je pense qu’il faut apprendre à savoir tout seul ce que l’on doit conserver ou non !


  • I couldn’t possibly justify a personal shopper, but every now and then, in cases or extreme emergencies of the fashion kind, I call upon my dear friend and super stylist, Carina Forne, as chronicled in these ‘short stories’…

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