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Sunglasses in the Winter?

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Sunglasses in the Winter?

On s’est lancés dans un grand débat l’autre jour au Studio quand l’une de nous a lâché qu’elle trouvait ridicules les gens qui portaient des lunettes de soleil en plein hiver.

En même temps, ce n’est si stupide que ça, si ? Le soleil est aussi éblouissant quand il fait froid, non ? Est-ce qu’il faut se laisser aveugler par le soleil sous prétexte que ce n’est pas l’été ? Et puis les New-Yorkais adorent déguster leur grand déca latte soja cachés derrière leurs verres fumés.

Vous en pensez quoi, vous ? Les lunettes noires en hiver, c’est bien ou ça fait crétin?

-Ashley Nedelman

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  • Why wouldn’t sunglasses be okay in winter? Just because it is cold? I am actually more likely to wear sunglasses in the winter if there is snow on the ground because the way the sun reflects off the white is too much for my eyes to handle. It’s not about looks, just shielding my eyes from brightness!

  • Hey, En Suisse où j’habite, les lunettes de soleil sont indispensables. Le soleil est rasant, terriblement apprécié mais inconfortable au possible que ce soit en terrasse ou en voiture. Alors, aucune hésitation, verres solaires toute l’année. Et vive le soleil !

  • You need them — especially when there’s a lot of snow. The glare is much stronger than in the summer. Kind of a weird statement, though. Maybe this person lives in the Northwest where the sun doesn’t come out all winter. I have to wear glasses all the time and I get sick of switching back and forth between my regular specs and the sunnies. I just ordered a pair with transitional lenses. While we’re asking questions: What do people who’ve had them think of those?

  • The sun came out today in Florence and nearly everyone had sunglasses on… so if it’s good enough for them I say – hells yes! I love the to cut the glare – I have a few pairs with lighter tint that just do that… take the edge off.

  • Take it from an oldster who has worn sunglasses (and now prescription sunglasses) all her life–wear sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection year round. It should be noted that lighter eyed folks (blues and pale greens) actually need sunglasses as their eye color means they have less tolerance for bright light. With pale blue eyes, I find I must wear them even on bright, cloudy days due to light sensitivity. Not trying to be cool. Just trying to protect my eyes.

  • Why wouldn’t you wear sunglasses in winter? Would you wear sunscreen in winter to protect your skin (especially with the reflectance off snow)? UV is a short wavelength, and can easily get through clouds, too. So anyone who thinks wearing sunglasses in winter is silly is more concerned with appearance than protecting their eyes.

    If you’re wearing them inside, regardless of season, then you are indeed silly.

  • I hope it doesn’t look stupid because unless it’s pouring rain outside I always wear them – to the point where my eyes are now desensitized to light. Having said that, in winter when it’s not too too bright out just wear lighter version sunglasses.

    Life + Style blog:

  • Ayant toujours vécu près de la Méditerranée et maintenant dans les Alpes du sud … pour moi c’est lunettes de soleil toute l’année ! Et particulièrement en hiver avec la neige !

  • I’m from Arizona, its sunny all the time, and I always wear sunglasses everywhere until night, even if its cloudy. Get some looks in London or NY because people there arent in the habit, apparently.

  • Rosemary Jordan 18 février 2016, 2:17 / Répondre

    I read one beauty expert say that « if it’s daylight out, wear shades ». Isn’t that why there are so many different tints to the lenses – I go for shades with a light green tint on over cast days. The sun also reflects even more off the snow making it brighter on sunny winter days! Protect your eyes.

  • I totally wear sunglasses in winter. My eyes are very sensitive and they’re a must have for me


  • I wear sunglasses during the winter even when the sun doesn’t shine that bright, because in the cold my eye zone gets very sensitive and tends to get really dry, so sunglasses create something like a shield from the direct cold air. Or at least I convince myself so, just to feel ok to wear sunglasses in January :)

  • Unless you live in a place where the sun doesn’t shine in winter, it’s not ridiculous at all. That’s like saying you shouldn’t wear sunscreen when it’s overcast! You do you.

  • Absolutely! Keeps out the wind and prevents dry eyes.

  • I think it’s totally okay to wear sunglasses in the winter. It’s different when it’s dark but in the winter…it’s still sunny lol. I used to wear sunglasses inside but it was to avoid people lmao. Got a headache from it one day and then stopped :)


  • Moi j’adore porter mes lunettes de soleil toute l’année !!! Au contraire je trouve que ça fait très classe avec un beau manteau, une écharpe et un bonnet Chic! En plus il est très important de se protéger les yeux toute l’année et ….. ASTUCE: ça évite les rides prématurées ;)

  • I wear sunglasses in winter, on sunny days when the sun is shining, but also when it’s not so shiny but it’s very cold. I find that sunglasses protects my eyes from cold and wind. Withoout them I would be.. ‘in tears’!!!!


  • J’habite en Floride, donc lunettes de soleil toute l’annee.

  • I live in Canada where it snows A LOT so not having sunglasses is not an option. Once the sun hits the snow it is absolutely blinding so everyone wears sunglasses here when it snows and the sun is out.

  • I think it is totally okay to wear sunglasses during the winter time, they are protecting from UV radiation, not from high temperature. It is more interesting to have a debate about wearing shades on metro :D

  • C’est surtout le truc imparable pour ne pas avoir une sale gueule en photo (surtout passé 40 ans !) :-)

  • En même temps, les lunettes de soleil, ce n’est pas fait pour protéger de la chaleur mais bien des rayons UV. ^.^
    (Donc c’est le meilleur anti-ride) :)

  • Unless it’s raining or snowing, I always have mine on, regardless of the season. Sometimes I keep them on inside if I’m only running in for a minute, if I don’t want to be social, or if I got a lack of sleep the night before.

  • Moi ce que je trouve ridicule c’est de ne pas porter des lunettes de soleil en hiver… parce que c’est l’hiver. Je ne comprends pas la logique. Le soleil en hiver n’existe pas? Il ne nous éblouit pas jusqu’en été? Si vous avez la réponse n’hésitez pas à m’illuminer. ????

  • Les lunettes de soleil sont indispensables aussi bien l été que l hiver . Le soleil est tt aussi dangereux l hiver que l été et lorsque l’on a les yeux fragiles ils faut absolument les protège pour éviter ttes complications plus tard. Mon petit garçon met ses lunettes de soleil en hiver aussi ! Nous ne sommes pas ridicule avec des lunettes de soleil en hiver s est primordial!

  • Ah ah ah… C’est vraiment un truc de citadin ça !!!!
    A la montagne ou a la mer, on ne se pose pas la question, sans lunettes, tu perds le bon usage de tes yeux petit à petit…
    Alors autant faire ça avec style ;)
    Bonne journée


  • Don’t ask me, I’m wearing sunglasses even when it rains. I am so used to a darker shade of everything that even the grey clouds blind me.

    And of course, I do not care how silly, snob or out of place I might look to some :-)

  • Sunglasses are absolutely necessary! Where I live, even if it’s raining, I need to have them in my bag, because the sun is sure to come out a few hours later, and the reflection on the wet pavement is blinding.

  • It’s about protecting your eyes, be it winter or not. As I have very sensitive eyes, I wear them all year around, not only as a sun protection, but also when it’s windy because otherwise my eyes get terribly dry. I used to feel stupid wearing them without sun in sight, but now I couldn’t care less. My eyes thank me for that!

  • I’m always squinting in winter if I don’t have my sunglasses! Cloudy days can be particularly glary!

  • I’d love to do it but I think you’d get a lot of hate walking around London with sunglasses on in the winter, I just can’t do it x


  • They are totally fine! I absolutely love my velvet sunnies in the winter – they have that solid element, plus they don’t freeze my face out when the temperature drops unlike the metal ones! :p


  • I totally wear sunglasses all year round and I think they are an absolut must! Even though it’s winter there is a lot of sun and I even wear them on grey days, if there is a lot of light because too much light hurts my eyes! I think I just feel a bit odd when it’s raining, besides that…All the time!!!

  • I wouldn’t stop wearing something only because some people think it makes me look silly :) I think it all depends on the person, because some people have sensitive eyes and they need to protect them all year long. And as you said, sun shines no matter the season. However in my country it is gloomy in the winter months, so I hardly have a need to grab my sunnies.


  • I wear sunglasses in the winter. Apart from glare when driving, they also keep the wind out of my eyes. My eyes are super sensitive to wind and they water like crazy, I find it’s not as bad if I’m wearing sunglasses.

  • I wear sunglasses all year round, even when it rains… I’m completely addicted and can’t leave the house without!
    Just can’t bear the light, and tend to pick different styles depending of the season and what i’m wearing then.
    So totally YES to sunglasses in Winter!

  • We’re lucky in Estonia if we see any sun from fall till spring, so…. normally no need for sunglasses. :(
    But if the sun IS bright I think it makes sense.


  • Julia Lodder 19 février 2016, 9:21 / Répondre

    Although I do agree that there are times in the winter that sunglasses can help our eyes, wearing them too much and too often can cause problems. We do need sunlight to activate the immune system and a certain amount of sunlight is absorbed through our eyes which adjust very well in the winter as the sunlight isn’t as strong or as bright as in the summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). Shielding our eyes from sunlight all year round can cause our eyes to become even more sensitive, they can water and become intolerant to even a small amount of sunshine. Much much better to wear a hat for filtering the sun than permanently wearing sunglasses I think.

  • Where I’m from, people think it’s stupid to wear sunglasses in winter–no one really does it–but I do, because it can still be just as sunny in the winter! I think people just associate them with summertime, so they view it as though you’re wearing a straw sunhat with your winter coat haha. I disagree, though–I think sunglasses in winter look chic.

  • I can deal with sunglasses in winter after all they are to shade your eyes from the sun not the heat. However, sunglasses indoors at night?? Hmm not so much, I can not believe how many people I saw indoors at night at shows during NYFW with sun glasses on. It’s like you may not know this but…your not famous!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • It’s never silly to protect your eyes. UV light is as damaging in the winter as the summer. You just happen to look chick in the process!

  • Julia Vaidis 21 février 2016, 5:03 / Répondre

    Sunglasses in the winter. Yes, why not. Here, in Greece, it’s an absolutely necessary accessory. We have sunshine almost every day of the year and I can’t get out of my place without it. Besides, it is one of the most cute things a woman may wear.

  • In Athens we must wear sunnies all year long, you know ;)


  • Sunglasses are not just decor. They protect your eyes from the glare of the winter sun (especially off fresh white snow). Squinting in the sun also promotes crows feet. So yes thank you sun glasses!

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