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Sweater Weather

Chaque année à l’automne, c’est pareil, je suis toute contente à l’idée de sortir mes pulls et mes manteaux du placard, … j’adore l’automne à NY. Mais pendant les quelques jours un peu plus frileux qu’on a eus, j’ai déjà noté une tendance dans ma façon de m’habiller : je mets un jean et un pull quasiment tous les jours.

Oui, c’est facile, cosy et ça ne demande absolument aucune réflexion, ce qui accélère pas mal les choses le matin, sauf que je trouve ça un peu ennuyeux du coup. J’ai l’impression d’avoir vraiment trouvé mon style cet été, et maintenant que je suis obligée de replonger dans les affres de ma penderie pour retrouver ce que j’y avais stocké, je suis un peu perdue niveau style. Nos Edits me redonnent envie de faire du shopping, mais les habitudes sont ce qu’elles sont, et j’ai besoin d’un peu d’aide pour sortir de ma zone de confort. Vous faites comment, vous, pour pimenter votre garde-robe automnale ?


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  • I bought a vinyl skirt.

  • Good question!haha Honestly, I spend 10 minutes every morning on Pinterest to check « fall style » etc and It works (sometimes)! :)

  • Good idea! I definitely need to do this (and a little inspired fall shopping!) x

  • As type A as it sounds, I look at the week’s weather forecast and plan my outfits for the week on Sunday! That way I can mix it up without having to wrack my sleepy brain for interesting and varied outfits every morning.

  • Monochromatic. I introduced a burgundy wine colour to my closet this year and it looks cool with navy or gray. Scarves. Leopard print shoes. Hats. I can’t wear jeans to work so trying to find new outfits without them. Striped tops under sleeveless tunic sweaters.

  • Maybe you could try to bring your summer wardrobe into fall by wearing a turtleneck/longsleeve and tights underneath? That’s what I do!
    I also just bought a calf-length flower dress which feels more fall-ish than a summery mini dress…
    Also, to mix up your uniform you might not have to give up the much loved template of your style itself but replace the parts, e.g. pants instead of jeans and a cashmere jumper instead of a sweater. To keep the coolness wear pants+sweater, jeans+jumper.
    I hope this helps and suits your ideas of style.
    Cheers from Berlin!

  • Thanks for the tips Mavi! I’m on the hunt for some great trousers–hopefully I’ll find some new ones soon! x

  • Ahhh I do the same…cause sweaters are the best. But then I throw on some big earrings and bright lipstick, in hopes to look chic.

  • Mrs C M Dyson 25 octobre 2016, 6:25 / Répondre

    I know what you mean about being bored with jeans. I am trying to hunt down a grey suede midi to wear with my knits and boots. I have hit a bit of a style dead end with my girlfriend jeans too. They look wrong with socks and its getting cold here. They look ridiculous with knee high boots. Even ankle boots look wrong with them – flashing a bit of ankle when the rest of me is wrapped up.

  • I was just in the same position as you till I figured that BELTS is my answer! It adds just the right balance to my boring outfits http://www.fashionparadoxes.com/2016/10/24/do-you-wear-belts/ , and yes, as Rue said, Pinterest brings anything you want to life again!

  • Unfortunately, living in Vancouver, Fall style means a whole lot of rain-wear! In fact, it makes me long to live elsewhere, seeing photos online of women in shoes they aren’t concerned about soaking, and lush, UNHOODED coats (always wool).
    I love seeing these edits and styles, but I’ve always wondered if the Garance Dore team would have any thoughts on dressing for Rain? (In Vancouver, it’s Rain capital R–serious business!) And not just an amazing outfit plus an umbrella. My style too, seems stagnant, but when I’m rushing for the bus in a downpour, wearing anything other than black leather boots and my raincoat seems impossible.

  • Same problem here! Just ordered a printed midi dress. How about the idea of keeping it simple with sweater and jeans but add color with jacket and scarf, works for me since I wear black a lot, and jackets and coats are great ways to add texture and color, and just keep the scarf on during the day. I thought about getting sweaters in different colors and mix it up with a shirt underneath, but sometimes that look gets boring too! Help!

    Actually love the picture in this post. The color of the sweater and the earrings are great!

  • I mean the necklace, in the picture. :P

  • Sincèrement, mes habits d’automne ou hiver ne sont pas les plus excitants. Cependant, vu les temps plus frilleux dans ces saisons, je mise sur un manteau. Je me suis acheté un camel coat long chez H&M très beau ainsi qu’un « fauxshearling» manteau. Je trouve que ça change ta tenue lorsqu’on a un beau manteau, puisque c’est ce qu’on montre durant les périodes froides ainsi que des belles bottines/bottes.

  • I am confortable with wearing the same thing over again, as a kind of distinctive uniform. Is that what style is about ;)

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