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The Big Quiet

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The Big Quiet

Vous méditez, vous ?
C’est quelque chose que beaucoup de gens font depuis longtemps, mais c’est une pratique qui a l’air de se généraliser : alors que nos vies sont de plus en plus stressantes et qu’on privilégie les relations humaines via réseaux sociaux plutôt qu’en face à face…
Amanda, qui a rejoint notre équipe récemment, médite tous les matins ! Inspirant, non ?
Mais pour nous, ça reste encore de l’ordre du fantasme ! On n’est pas encore tout à fait prêts à sauter le pas.
Ou peut-être qu’on médite, mais différemment…
On a entendu parler de The Big Quiet, un événement autour de la méditation qui va bientôt avoir lieu à NY… et peut-être que c’est enfin le moment de se jeter à l’eau (et de suivre l’exemple d’Amanda). Ce sera le groupe de méditation le plus à important à se rassembler à NY, et il y aura aussi des concerts, comme celui d’Ibeyi dont on est tous fans. En plus, c’est gratuit !
C’est à 16 h 30 le samedi 20 juin sur Central Park SummerStage. Plus d’informations par ici !

Et vous, vous vous y etes mis ? Vous trouvez qu’on devrait tous pratiquer


Ajouter le votre
  • I absolutely love that you’re in NY so that we know about these amazing events! I do not meditate – but know I should!

    Warm Regards,

  • Meditation is becoming the new yoga I think. However, what a lot of people assume is that it should be relaxing and easy to shut off your brain, but meditation actually takes work, just like training for a marathon. Consistency and commitment are key, as well as acceptance that you aren’t going to attain stress-free nirvana overnight. I’ve been taking very baby steps this year towards mindfulness, by way of body scanning, breathing exercises and the like, and it is difficult enough!

  • still don’t know how to!!! it feels dumb and i never know if i’m doing it right!!!! does everyone else just naturally know how to meditate?? the wikihow page is, like, 100 pages long. ugh. that’s too much crap to remember in order to relax. i know how to relax already

  • Catalina 11 juin 2015, 3:46

    There are apps like Calm that help you with meditation! I always wanted to meditate, but have the same problem you do, and just yesterday a friend of mine said I should try it with this, at least at the beggining. I did it one time, and it helped me a lot. It is a guided meditation, so it´s easy for begginers and they aren´t very long if you dont want them to be. You can set them to be for example, 10 minutes long. Hope it helps you!
    Kisses from Argentina

  • I try to meditate every morning. Sometimes it is only for 5 minutes. It really helps calm me on the days that i do meditate. Yes it is hard to do and no there isn’t really one way to do it.
    I have been reading Sally Kempton’s book « Meditation for the Love of It ». She is an excellent teacher on the ways of meditation.
    It probably is the newest trend because of the yoga trend. Meditation is a natural progression from yoga. They compliment each other.

  • bavarian_blue 11 juin 2015, 4:02 / Répondre

    I’m a fan of Gabby Bernstein’s meditation practice :)

  • Meditation is an excellent way to fight stress and depression. There’s a great app with guided meditations for beginners called Insight Timer. It’s helped me tremendously!

  • God no, i do not meditate nor i ever intend to. My father, like a true child of hippie culture, meditated(and did Yoga) every single day for decades( his meditating hour was a staple of my childhood), and continued to do it even when everyone thought he was weird and out of fashion. And guess what, it did not make him one bit more enlighted, less stressed or more considerate to others. So forgive me if my bullshit detector starts blaring when everyone is jumping another « spiritual » bandwagon.

  • Caroline 12 juin 2015, 5:10

    Now this I find really interesting… And it reminds me of a trip to Auroville, in India, where’s there is a huge temple dedicated to the Mother and to meditation (the Matrimandir, looks like a giant golden golf ball), well 99% of the people waiting to meditate look really stressed and anxious. Kind of paradoxical.

  • Take a Vipassana 10-day course anywhere near you. It is completely life-changing (for the better).

  • nastassia 12 juin 2015, 1:41

    I TOTALLY second that. It has changed my life (and I’m not overstating here, it has, literally, changed everything in my life, for the better). Their 10 day meditation retreats are free and accessible to anyone since they are not affiliated to any religion or « spiritual school » (one of the most important thing which convinced to do it).

  • I love meditation — I try to meditate at least twice a week


  • Thanks for the mention of the event, Garance. Just got my ticket.

    Meditation made simple: https://www.headspace.com/

  • Clotilde 12 juin 2015, 1:19 / Répondre

    Oui mais bon, il y a quelques chose de cocasse à ce que la méditation devienne à la mode alors qu’on continue à être bombardé, et se bombarder soi-même de « nouvelles » la plupart du temps sans intérêt par tout un tas de canaux informatiques.
    Pour celles qui voudraient essayer, je trouve que c’est plus facile de découvrir cette activité un jour de fatigue physique. Notre niveau d’excitation étant plus bas, c’est plus simple. Le risque étant, dans ces cas-là, et comme au yoga, de s’endormir tellement on arrive bien à se déconnecter !

  • Vous pouvez lire mon article ici:
    You can read my article here:
    Français & English

  • There was a study recently which showed how the brain moved before and after meditation and well, before it was like fireworks so unpredictable and unstable and after it showed how the brain moved at a slower pace. I read about this study only this week and since yesterday I have committed to doing meditation at least by doing so for 10 minutes before anything else in the morning. I absolutely believe that this is something that we all need to center ourselves before we are off doing a million things at once which let’s face it we often do…I look forward to becoming a bit more focused!


  • Vous devez absolument écouter la reprise d’Henri Salvador par Ibeyi jardin d’hiver. MAGIQUE!


    C’était en direct d’une émission de radio ;)

  • Je pense que chacun a des moyens différents de se concentrer et se recentrer. La méditation c’est trop non productif pour moi. Ce que j’aime depuis l’enfance et qui me transporte ailleurs, calme mon rythme, développe ma présence en moi et sur Terre, c’est dessiner ou danser.
    Pour d’autres c’est faire du sport individuel, d’endurance, Pour d’autres c’est observer la nature etc.
    Je trouve que se recentrer est essentiel. Mais pratiquer tous la même chose est un effet mouton (je pense à vos questions du type est ce qu’on devrait TOUS pratiquer etc…). C’est plus efficace pour soi de trouver ce qui convient à soi même.

  • Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi ! Le plus important est de se recentrer, se poser. Que chacun fasses ce qui le détend. Je ne comprend pas ces personnes qui commencent à manger « healthy », à méditer, faire du yoga, alors qu’elles ne le font que par tendance, parce que c’est la mode en ce moment, et pas pour ce que ça leur apporte ou leur font vivre. Le plus important est de trouver sa philosophie de vie… et la vivre !

  • There is much merit in finding time to sit quietly and focus on breathing. It is sometimes very hard to do but with time and practice can spill over to times you aren’t quiet in that you learn to observe and monitor your own thoughts. Sometimes for me certain types of work, when I lose myself so completely I become unaware of the world around me are meditative experiences as well. The event in Central Park sounds like it could be a powerful experience if everyone can be quiet and put phones aside. It is interesting that suggestions for helping with meditations involve apps. You have written before eloquently about our connection to phones. Perhaps the Big Quiet is time to take a break from that too.

    Accidental Icon

  • Yes I meditate, I took a mindfulness course some years ago and it was money well spent! As someone mentioned here before, meditation takes practice. It isn’t easy. And it isn’t meant to empty your head: you learn to deal differently with what’s going on inside your head. I can recommend http://www.headspace.com, they have some helpful animations too.

  • There are different kinds of meditation… breathing is meant to be only the preliminary practice, to cool down the agitated mind, (which is actually not so easy)!
    Definitely, a 10 days of Vipassana retreat with Goenka organization is a MOST, the best trip in the world, in our inner vastness, a revelation!
    Furthermore, meditation helps to realize that the world we perceive is not as real as it seems, an other revelation, and what a release!
    By the way, nothing new here, thousands of years of human experience!

  • Yes, did one too, such an enriching experience! I would have never thought it would give me so much. It allowed me to feel much more balance, and also to understand some of the ways I was making myself miserable. I would DEFINITELY recommend this… actually, I’ve already recommended it to quite a few friends and family members!! And so far the ones who have done have been very happy with the experience!

  • Meditiation is nothing but stopping. Attention to stopping.

  • We used to call it « taking a moment. »

  • I just started meditating about a month ago. I use the headspace app, and love it. I do it first thing in the morning, I have a really stressful job and I find myself better able to tackle issues and it is easier to relax when I get home. I heard somewhere that through scientific studies it was found that by far the three best things things you can do for yourself, body and mind, are to exercise, read, and meditate.

  • Literally scores of studies that show meditation to have beneficial effects on health, to say nothing of happiness. Meditation essay/hard. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it. One of those studies found that even if you perceive yourself to be ‘bad’ at meditation, you get the same positive physiological benefits. And Headspace is an excellent App for beginners and experienced meditators. Great teaching. Check out the teacher’s TED talk ( Andy Pudicombe sp?). And no, I am not a shill for the app. I just love it.

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