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The Blanket Scarf

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The Blanket Scarf

Ça y est, la neige est là.

Et la seule solution pour lutter, à part se trimballer en sac de couchage, c’est d’adopter l’écharpe-plaid. En gros, c’est un morceau de tissu XXL (si vous avez des velléités de couturière, presque deux mètres !), dans lequel on peut s’enrouler encore et encore, et même s’endormir bien au chaud. Idéal pour enfouir ses oreilles, plier en châle sous un manteau ou même se cacher.

J’en ai deux que j’adore, dont une de chez White+Warren qui me sert aussi de plaid à la maison. Et l’autre, celle-là, je viens de la trouver, et je me dis qu’elle ira super bien avec ma garde-robe monochrome. Voilà, s’il y a un accessoire dans lequel investir cet hiver c’est l’écharpe-plaid !

Et vous, vous faites comment, pour avoir bien chaud l’hiver ?

Écharpe, Vince


Ajouter le votre
  • Love this kind of blanket .xxl’s perfect for our new Nomad Life..
    Yael Guetta

  • i’ve seen the lv ,monogram version all over the circuit. i only see it used on a cosy night in! :)

  • I just learned about blanket scarves and now I want at least one, if not a dozen. Perfect for those of us who loves scarves and prefer to be under a blanket at all times.

  • I want one so badly!! lucky it’s snowing in’s raining in LA

  • I love the use of this for hiding like I use sunglasses for in my photos. What is great about a piece like this is it allows you to adapt it to your style and way of expressing yourself.
    Accidental Icon

  • I love the warmth of a scarf with the coziness of a blanket. A blanket scarf is the best of both worlds.
    :] // ? ?

  • Love blanket scarves…and if we can find them thin and cashmere enough, then we won’t get lost in the structure. Thanks for the Vince suggestion!
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  • Loveeee blanket scarves and blanket coats (please show where to find great selections of those). It’s funny for someone who loves the summer, my favorite pieces of clothing are scarves and coats/jackets! oh and yes envelope bags! santa are you listening?:) But back to the topic, blanket scarves are amazing, so cozy! But I most say they are a little tough to wear if you are not so tall like me, I probably look like I’ve been buried alive, but it’s ok I feel so good that wrap by it that I don’t care.

  • My roommate and I call them blarfs – they’re the absolute best up here in a Canadian winter! Perfect for travel, too, when you can wrap one around you on a plane.

  • to stay warm: wool or wool/silk scarf, leather wool-lined gloves or mittens, cashmere sweater

  • I bought one! but i was hoping to show us how to wear it :))

  • I, umm, never wear scarves. I know how it sounds but it is the truth. And every time you guys post something about scarves I am reminded that some can pull it off beautifully. Not me. Every time I try a scarf, in any form, it ruins my outfit. So, to answer Brie’s question – all the coats I buy have to be able to get closed at the neck in an useful and beautiful way, plus for winter months, when playing outside with the kids, I wear a down-jacket or a parka / they are always designed to cover the neck/. Every time I write here something like this I feel like I am sabotaging Garance’s blog marketing… But, I don’t buy or use scarves. I’m sorry G and Brie :). Am I the only one?

  • Katerina, I think there’s a scarf out there for everyone — have you tried wearing it in different ways? Or maybe it’s worth investing in a smaller and thinner one in a really great material (so it keeps you warm) like cashmere? But a coat that closes high on the neck is a great resolution, too :) xx

  • Hiii, Neada! Of course you are probably right! Well, I tried different ways…But because I’m 31 with two kids, I fell into the simplifying trend :). And another thing, as an architect, wearing scarves is such a cliché, especially when you can’t pull it off. Still, when I get out of this phase, I will start with your suggestion. Thank you. All of you at the studio and your readers’ comments are an endless source of inspiration and wisdom. What a community! I’m extremely proud to be part of it.

  • bavarian_blue 17 décembre 2014, 2:33 / Répondre

    What a nice piece. I use also light down-vests to keep me warm. I wear them in many variations: over my outdoor parka, under my outdoor parka, over thick wool jumpers in case it is a cold but sunny day.

  • Creating weather-based outfit ideas (every-single-day) is my job and it’s, well, absolutely not easy. My only advice is – layering!!! Layer as much as possible when it’s cold out – a cape over a leather jacket, a blanket scarf (so glad designers showed it on the runway this winter) over a wool coat, even a parka over a denim jacket! Also, you can stick to skirts (I promise) if you wear really thick black tights – they actually look very stylish and are a great base for any outfit!


  • Love! I need one of these, where can we find them! I also like that is doubles as a sofa throw.

  • I saw a photo of a friend on Facebook. She was wearing an absolutely fabulous scarf, so I asked where did she get something so beautiful. And she said… « It’s a blanket from IKEA » :) The funny thing is, I thought it was from some ultra-cool-ultra-hip Scandinavian designer, using top of the range fabrics, like wool from sheep which you can see on the net, weaving their tails to you, when you tap in a unique code number from the organic / hand made packaging. So – hurray to scarves/blankets!

  • I have the reversible Zara plaid blanket scarf. Use it at night for a throw and then shake it out and wear it during the day.

  • Oh the curse of being in a different hemisphere! All Winter I wanted to be at the beach, living the blog and now it’s 42 degrees Celsius outside and I want to be able to wear a blanket as a scarf…. I will think of you all in snow though, when I go to the beach in a months time!

  • A blanket scarf is always wonderful and this one is just perfect!

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