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The Blk/Wht Flat

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The Blk/Wht Flat

Un vrai classique, et à un prix tout à fait raisonnable.
Ce n’est pas la première fois qu’Everlane réussit à créer un modèle qui correspond exactement à ce que je cherche. Le plat, pour moi, c’est toujours un peu délicat, même si j’adore l’idée des ballerines (sans être trop convaincue par le nœud, j’adore le rendu des Porselli sur Garance et Emily), et je n’aime pas tout ce qui est trop dans la tendance. J’ai du mal à m’en tenir à un style, mais ces ballerines pointues noires et blanches toutes simples sont un bon compromis question style et forme.
J’espère juste que je n’aurai pas les pieds en compote (Erik m‘a prévenue) quand j’arpenterai Paris dans tous les sens la semaine prochaine ! Et vous, vous avez des chaussures plates préférées ?

Chaussures, Everlane.


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  • These are super cute, Brie! I like the way you describe them as « a happy medium of style and form ». Absolutely! They look fun to dress down I think, combined with a big sweater and a skinny… Love it.

    My favourite flats are loafers – but smooth ones, almost like ballerina’s with a high vamp. It’s a bit of a necessity for me unfortunately since I have quite narrow feet and will totally flip flop out of cute dainty low cut ballerina’s. Oh but how I do drool over ’em. I do dig penny loafers too but they’re usually to clunky for my narrow feet. Again… a girl can drool (dream) though!

    Have fun in Paris next week, I’ll be looking out for the photos and to see how you styled ’em!

  • Thanks Suze! Me too -love my Church’s loafers and receive so many compliments (another classic ; ) x

  • My favourites are from Salvatore Ferregamo. I wear a size 42, not easy to find in Europe but this is one brand that has them. They are beautifully made and look like new for years. Super confortable with lots of colour options and different skins. You won’t like them because of the bows, I’m not hot on them either but at least they don’t make my feet look huge!

  • i totally hear you on the bow issue. That is the one thing that stops me – just too cutesy. I like these Everlane ones a lot – they are a great shape. I aaaalmost am tempted by the solid colored ones except for that slice of white rubber on the heel. I have some white rubber soled loafers that looked awesome at first but get dirty so easily! I guess I’m picky :) ha!
    One other thing is that I wish Everlane would let you post reviews. What’s with all the e-commerce sites that don’t offer that? If i’m going to buy something sight-unseen it would be awesome to hear from others how it fits and looks in real life.

  • Have you heard that they will tear up your feet? What did Erik warn? I need to know!!

  • Yosi Samra makes great little foldable flats (no bow!) with a durable and comfortable sole that are wonderful for wearing at home as slipper substitutes or quick trips outdoors. They also work as driving shoes. And, as a bonus, they are less expensive than most ballerinas, even though they are better, I find, than the popular brands of ballerina flats.

    I wouldn’t wear them for long walks because they don’t have arch support.

  • Janet Mullinax 23 septembre 2015, 6:56 / Répondre

    I love AGL! I used to work in travel retail so they got a lot of wear going in and out of airport terminals. AGL were the best I’ve found in terms of comfort married with style.

  • Oh, be careful with Everlane shoes. They are so well constructed – but SO TIGHT. Or, at least, the loafers were so very narrow they were totally impractical. Maybe their flats are different? I hope!

    My loafers are at the shoe shop being stretched (which takes longer than I thought…?). Fingers crossed.

  • Hi Jessica! Let me know how the stretching goes! I’m desperate to hold on to a pair of « just too small » flats ! x

  • I just can’t with the bows… I wish I could, but no. My all time favorite flats are the J Crew Cece ballet flats- classic shape- small built in wedge- rubber soles! I had three pairs when I lived in Paris for the past three years- pair them with some Smartwool footies to keep your feet warm in the Fall and Spring. They are really the best affordable classic (bowless!) flat (and NO, I never found the Euro counterpart to that flat- I always wanted to go Repetto, but still.. the bow).

    Now I am checking out the Everlanes- I hope they ship internationally.. :)

  • Elles sont très belles, le cuir grainé change vraiment de toutes ces ballerines en cuir lisse ou verni !

  • Ces pompes sont à tomber! Je crois que je pourrais bien les porter…
    ? ?

  • Wow, canon !! Et cette marque est-elle trouvable sur Paris ? :)

  • Really love the black and white flats, simple, classic and still stylish! I love flats, but, I also love loafers and brogues.

  • I love the flats on the pic, they look soft! My all time faves are Salvatore Ferragamo Varinas, white with a black bow, alas too old!

  • I bought both the Everlane Loafer and Everlane Street shoe and they just tore my feet up sooooo badly. They were impossible to wear and I ended up having to give them back. Do let me know if these end up being comfortable. I’d consider purchasing only if they somehow changed up their construction!

  • So curious how these worked out for you. These took me FOREVER to break in (my poor feet) but I love them now.

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