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The Face Fix

C’est la journée semaine de la vilaine peau !

Ma peau est un vrai désastre ces derniers temps,  et j’avoue que je ne sais pas du tout comment gérer cette phase éruptive. C’est peut-être la météo de dingue (ma peau n’aime pas trop l’hiver, et un blizzard vient juste de s’abattre sur la ville avec 30 cm de neige !),  ou le fait que j’utilise un nettoyant mal adapté ? 

Du coup, j’essaie de ne plus me maquiller, j’ai suivi les conseils de Elle, mis de l’hamamélis, et je n’utilise que mes masques les plus naturels et bio … Ça commence à s’améliorer tout doucement. Donc en attendant, la seule solution, c’est le camouflage.

J’ai tenté le MAC Studio Fix. C’est ma mère qui me l’a conseillé : « C’est le meilleur produit couvrant ! ». Un peu présomptueux, mais franchement pas si mal !
Je pense que ce n’est pas génial d’en mettre tous les jours donc je réserve ça pour les urgences, mais ça couvre vraiment tout. En plus, c’est hyper facile à glisser dans un sac. Et si j’ai besoin d’une retouche rapide dans le métro ou un taxi, c’est simple et discret çà utiliser.

Vous avez d’autres produits qui sauvent la vie pour les problèmes de peau ?

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  • You should definitely try Kevyn’s sensual skin enhancer


  • Maybe switch back to your old cleanser just in case? You could also try Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. I’ve read wonderful things about it but never tried it myself as I don’t break out easily.

  • Definitely a product I’m keeping in mind! Thank you for that x

  • An incredible dermatologist! Sometimes all you need is someone who understands your pain. I have my dermatologist on speed dial and his name, ironically, is Michael Jackson. Funny? I know. But he’s helped me with « the woman in my mirror » for the past ten years. Also, drinking tons of water and using hydrogen peroxide as a topical solution for drying out pimples is equally effective.

  • An incredible dermatologist! I have my dermatologist on speed dial though ironically, his name is Michael Jackson. Also, drinking tons of water and using hydrogen peroxide to dry out the breakouts is just as effective.

  • I second Badescu drying lotion – in a pinch it works wonders, but it’s not a solution for the underlying problem.

    If you really want great skin, a trip to your GPs office for blood work and other key tests makes sense. If you can, get full panel vitamin and mineral tests — make sure they include full-spectrum B12 tests, iron ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin K2. This will mean more than blood tests. Review the results with your doctor as well as a naturopathic skin specialist.

    Take a good essential fatty acid supplement (good quality cod liver il) that includes vitamin D. Take vitamin K2 with it — 95% of the population are deficient and it plays a role in skin health.

    I also find that I start having mini breakouts when I don’t get enough protein. Also, keeping insulin levels under control will do marvels for breakouts.

    I know – boring as heck, but this is what works as the skin is the biggest organ in the body and so reflects what is going on internally as well as external pollutants. The good news is that if you get your skin to a great place, it means that a lot is going right in your body.

  • Madeline 2 février 2016, 6:58

    Aline how refreshing to read someone’s comment and agree 100%!!!

    I am currently attending Naturopathic Medical school and was thinking exactly what you wrote!! The skin’s health is a direct reflection of the state of your organs (esp. the liver).
    Treat the root cause and the symptoms will subside.

  • My emergency tricks are Dr. Haushka’s Balancing Oil & a pure green clay mask. I have very, very dry skin, so most zit products are lethal on me, but these both really work, gently. I also have dermatitis, so chemicals are right out.

    For day, I massage a drop of the Dr H oil directly onto the zit or breakout area for 3 deep breaths. Then cover up with a lighter MAC concealer. Very calming & soothing for irritated skin.

    At night, I make a tiny mini mask of green clay & water, apply it to the area & let it dry, then go to bed. In the morning, the zits are usually no longer swollen & are much smaller & further along the healing process. On occasion, they’ve deflated to the point I can’t see them!

    I really hope this helps; I went through it when my dermatitis came on, and it got infected & turned into zits so easily. Going all natural & patiently experimenting has changed everything. My skin’s better than it was before the dermatitis, 15 years ago!

  • My skin just went on a big freak out too. Lots of redness. Ugh!

    Maybe stop the cleanser for a few days and see if you notice a change.
    Dr. Gross or Blue Mercury M61 peel pads can be helpful. A night only though. A good mask. I use one by Carita and I can sleep in it, it’s clear. That helps a ton. But Glamglow’s hydration mask works too.

    A lot of time a breakout in Wint can be from lack of hydration so maybe more cream. Drink lots of water. And try to stay calm.

    I’m going for a facial this week hoping that really helps.

  • Helle Storm 1 février 2016, 4:42 / Répondre

    Biologique Recherche P50 without a doubt. Fixes everything and anything.

  • J ai eu le même type de probleme l été dernier, une irruption affreuse! Avant de sauter sur la boîte à pharmacie, j ai commencé par regarder mes repas et remarquer que mes apports nutritionnels étaient… Horriblement déséquilibres! Rien qu une petite modification de mon alimentation (arrêt du lait de vache par exemple) peut améliorer la situation! Je me maquille tous les jours et j ai adopte un fond de teint fluide et léger pour le coup. Enfin, je passe plus de temps à me démaquiller qu à me maquiller!!! Aujourd’hui après quelques mois, ma peau est restée claire et saine.Tiens nous au courant de ta solution et des résultats!

  • Deux mots : ACIDE SALICYLIQUE (SALICYLIC ACID). C’est un actif naturel qui élimine efficacement les imperfections. On peut le retrouver dans les nettoyants (cleanser) ou les traitements pour la peau. Alba Botanica et DermaMed en font (Whole Food), mais tu peux retrouver cet ingrédient à peu près partout, de 0,5% à 2%. Ta peau va te remercier.

  • Stop drying out your face, it just makes things worse especially in the winter. (Read more about that in Skin Cleanse book, the best book of 2015 imo.) Try grapeseed oil and avocado oil on damp skin. They are both antibacterial (two drops should do it. Costco sells bottles of avocado oil for a great price; I’ve basically replaced coconut oil with it because co oil doesn’t sink into the skin like avocado oil does). Avocado oil also lightens scarring. It’s basically the main ingredient in Sunday Riley’s Luna oil and I just saved you $100! The most effective but gentle (though it will take days to get rid of the pimple so be patient) is La Roche Posay AI targeted corrector. As for a nighttime treatment, I’m liking Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum. It’s definitely gently exfoliating my skin but the key word is gently.

  • I find when my face freaks out (which it does when the weather get cold, too!), I do a hydrating face mask and I switch to eating brown rice and veggies at dinner instead of eating out and I limit sugar and white starches (I gave up dairy long ago). If you’re extra good, plenty of sleep and exercise helps too. In three days I see results. I think the most important thing is not to aggravate your skin further. So, no kisses from scruffy men or rough pillow cases!

  • neada
    i had the SAME troubles as you until my new derm recommended an oral med called « spironolactone. » it’s been a MIRACLE. it’s taken in teeny doses and is used mainly for high blood pressure and all of my other physicians approved its use. i can’t believe how smooth and blemish free my skin is now. i wish i would have used it years ago!
    good luck, i feel your pain ;-)

  • Dr Hauschka Cleansing cream: you should definitely try it, it has really SAVED my skin. I think I will never stop using it!!

  • Pia Uthaug 2 février 2016, 4:24 / Répondre

    I have had super sensitive problematic skin for years. Finally after years of experimenting and trying almost everything, I found something that works for me. First of all, I stopped using water. That maybe produced the biggest change. Then by chance I read about Leslie Baumann, a dermatologist, who had a free test on her website. I don’t know if she still does, but taking the test online gave me an understanding for the specific needs my skin has. So after that, I stopped exfoliating and using skin tonic.

    So what works for me is this: I use Avene nettoyante peaux intolerantes as a cleanser (or the micellar lotion, although it is a bit too harsh in the winter), avene creme peaux intolerantes (non riche) in the morning and avene cicalfate creme at night. The cicalfate creme is miraculous. Its thick and white and it kind of feels like putting creme for a diaper rash on my face, but I wake up with healed skin in the morning.

    As for makeup, what works best for me is young bloodblood loose natural mineral foundation.

    Stress, cold wind, too much sugar and probably other things I eat mess up my skin. The one month I stopped eating dairy and sugar, I had the best skin ever. But for the life of me I just can’t live an ascetic life. That is more stressful than indulging myself in a bit of chocolate and a latte now and then… :)

    Don’t know if any of it is useful. The thing about skin is that it’s such an individual thing it seems. Anyway, hope you find your own way that works for you.


  • I love the MAC Studio Fix foundation.

    When my skin turn very bad my favorite product it’s the Ylang Ylang night balm from Décleor.
    I found it on sale at Sephora, my best discovery ever. I use it before sleep and the next day my skin looks amazing (all my spots are gone).
    Try it if you can.

  • I do agree with Helene’s comment! I always had red patches on the face and small buttons, than I changed many things in my alimentation (very very less ham or cooked meats for example, no more sodas and more vegetables), and all my skin problems disappeared quite quickly.
    You should definitely have a look on what is inside your plate before trying thousands of creams :)

  • If all else fails and covering up is the only option, I highly recommend Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation! There is nothing Vichy Dermablend cannot cover, minus the weight of a powder foundation like Studio Fix.

  • Tempermental skin just so happens to be my lot in life. I have good skin days and then a cool breeze or maybe something I ate can throw it completely out of whack. When I get stuck with a few days of sensitive, breakout prone skin I first use something to clear out whatever is causing the irritation like Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid. Then on top I will put on the Ankiri Restore Propolis Balm, it has tea tree oil and bee propolis to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. If you have dry spots from healing blemishes, it’s great on those too. Then use your regular tinted moisturizer or foundation, but use a brush or blender sponge to thin it out as much as possible. You shouldn’t be able to see it. Just where you have a blemish, use a small brush to apply a pin prick amount of Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer and pat lightly to blend. Voila! Forget about your face for the rest of the day and chill out. That’s the only way to heal.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about that! Honestly I go through the same thing (it’s probably got to do with the weather) and there are only two products (and well, a third new one, a non-acid chemical peel by Exuviance that I just reviewed on my blog) that help: lavender essential oil, which I use undiluted as a spot treatment up to three times a day, and virgin coconut oil (which I get from Trader Joe’s, it costs so little), which I use night and day, both as a cleanser and a moisturiser.
    Bon courage!
    French Girl In DC |

  • take it from me – i’ve been in skin crisis for 60% of my life. the single most important things are: a zinc based healing creme (40% zinc diaper creme, avene cicalfate drying lotion etc…) cle de peau under eye concealer (there is nothing better, and a pretty eye area distracts from whatever else is going on) cheap lil revlon colorstay concealer (full coverage, lasts longer than estee lauder double wear). traditional nivea cream counterintuitively also helps with breakouts. i second the dermablend. vichy/dermablend liquid OR preferably straight dermablend in the little jar. use on upper lip, chin, patchy areas on cheek and forehead, but not all over. and finally: think peaceful thoughts and repeatedly tell yourself that your skin is beautiful and healthy – this helps it to heal i swear.

  • L’huile de ricin tous les soirs. Ou une recette marocaine même quand on a rien, elle hydrate, assainit et donne de l’éclat à la peau (visage et cou) : miel + citron+ safran (pur bien sûr) en quantité égale et on laisse poser le plus longtemps possible. J’ai aussi cette poudre pour les cas d’urgence. Elle est pas mal mais en local comme la zone T pour les peaux mixtes comme la mienne c’est top.

  • Neada, I have been suffering from the same problem last week and this week it is slowwwllly getting better! I always find my skin suffers when I run out of the product line I swear by: Arcona. I had really bad acne growing up and Arcona was the only all natural line that was able to really work the magic my skin needed. I also find that I break out when I am stressed, the weather is causing my skin to get dry or I am not eating well. From Arcona, I use their raspberry cleansing bar as a staple and work around that with the rest of their am and pm products. Another tip as well: during the winter I switch my moisture to something slightly heavier because my skin gets so dry. I hope this helps!

  • Mon produit par excellence pour mes problèmes de peau, comme depuis quelques semaines, c’est le Aztec Indian healing clay deep pore! C’est un masque qui nettoie et calme la peau À MERVEILLE!!! Et j’utilise aussi Stieva-A trétinoïne (pour l’acné). Il est prescrit par mon dermato par contre. C’est un produit qui rend ma peau sec :(. Je modère son utilisation cependant et j’hydrate ma peau a fond avec le Kiehl’s Ultra face cream. Je peux dire que se sont ces deux produits qui maintien ma peau.

  • Perscription retinoid, clean and clear benzoyl peroxide is the best spot treatment ever. ( long time acne sufferer) get it calmed down and then treat. NO physical EXFOLIATION!!!

  • My face doesn’t tolerate any cream or oil product in all their different versions, much of the make-up in the market is comedogenic, and the only thing I use for covering is Avene compact. Maybe the outbreaks are due to the use of too many products, which most of the time contain oils that produce inflammations. If I need to hydrate my face I use sunblock (in emulsion) almost for everything.

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