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The OMG Jean

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The OMG Jean

Ce jean ne me fait pas seulement des super fesses, il sublime tout !

Garance m’a dit un truc du genre : « NAN MAIS C’EST QUOI CE JEAN !? Il te fait des jambes toutes minces et un cul d’enfer ! »
Ce à quoi j’ai répondu : « Ah, ce jean ? Pas mal, hein ? C’est un 3×1 ! »

S’il existe une formule pour le jean parfait, je crois qu’ils l’ont trouvée. Il y a quelques petits éléments en particulier qui font que ça fonctionne bien :

A : Il est taille haute. Pas genre je porte un corset, mais il arrive juste au niveau du/sous le nombril. Et il est suffisamment haut à l’arrière aussi pour bien galber les fesses.
B : Il a un super aspect. Ni trop noir, ni trop gris.
C : Pile la bonne quantité de stretch ! De quoi tout maintenir en place.. oui, bon, enfin, les cuisses.
D : Je passe une super journée et Garance vient juste de le remarquer.

Bon, en tout cas, je me sens super bien dedans, genre belle, un peu comme devant notre fameux miroir. Et vous, qu’est-ce que vous recherchez surtout quand vous achetez un jean ?

High Rise Skinny Jean, 3×1


Ajouter le votre
  • I need ten pair of them!!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • i haven’t worn jeans in more than 10 years… :)


  • Those jeans seem perfect, too bad the model is quite skinny. It would look even better otherwise. x


  • C’est vrai qu’il a l’air canon ! Et qu’est-ce que c’est dur de trouver un beau jean :)


  • I think we have the same jeans buying formula, and now I maybe need a pair of my own. How do you find the sizing, does it run big or small?

  • Gorgeous jeans! Everything from the style to the color is perfect <3


  • i need a pair of these! i am really into high waisted jeans at the moment. =)


  • Hi Brie!
    I suppose this is the correct link:

  • Criteria for jeans:
    High rise
    Not too much fading
    Not too thin denim
    Not too much poliesther/elasthane
    Leg opening (around 12inches)
    Stiches colour

  • I love a good pair of jeans with not too much stretch. Unfortunately, I’m not hot for the jeans in the photo. The model is too thin and I must say, her butt does not look good. Perhaps not enough fat on those cheeks?

  • The posterior should not be sagging so that a pencil would stay tucked under it. The crotch has a semi camel toe thing happening. Crackin wash though. Based on the ill fit in the images… PASS

  • . . . I think the model is perfect – too bad more of us (at least in the US) aren’t striving to be lean. . .

  • These jeans seem to tick all of the required boxes for jeans I buy! Love high waisted (but not *too* high waisted) jeans, so I may need to get myself a pair!

  • Nah. They look like tights. Jeans need a bit of space around the leg to really work.

  • karacocoa 29 octobre 2014, 2:00


  • That model is super-trim!

    On me, I prefer loose fit jeans – preferably men’s Levis. They just look better than women’s jeans. And I don’t like the elastane component in women’s jeans. My preference is for good, old-fashioned 100% cotton – including the slight sag it gets!
    All finishes from pale to dark, to deep grey (no black), tie dye, worn in preferably (so I adore second-hand jeans for the last reason!).
    Soft hand, absolutely.
    Sits just below the belly-button.
    Skinny fit mens (men’s skinnies on me work really well, as they have a more Beatnik look than skin-tight) to straight legged (they look amazing on slim girls – very flattering).
    Deep pockets in front that actually fit my whole hand (you’ll always, always get this with men’s jeans).
    Really easy criteria for me!

  • Good idea never tried men skinnies, my husband has a pair of skinny levis that were black and faded to perfect greyish black, and I couldnt find a women skinny with the same fabric .. totally will do that, i like levis skinnies but they make my ass huge bc of the mini pockets ;)

  • I agree on the men’s jeans idea even if it never works for me. The crotches are always too roomy.

  • OMG they look amazing! But in truth, those legs would look great clad in any jeans…I’m sort and have disproportionally thing ankles so I mostly buy « strinny » jeans to balance out the ankles and make my legs go on forever.

  • Ces jeans sont tops!! Et pour les (chanceuses) parisiennes, 3×1 est trouvable au Bon Marché!!!!

  • Le skinny Revel de Levi’s a exactement les mêmes qualités sauf que la taille est moins haute , ce qui est plus confortable pour les gens qui n’aiment pas être comprimés au niveau du ventre comme moi.

  • Nice!! Too expensive for me, my rule to good skinnies is -in order of importance: denim not too thin (I should be much fitter than I am to pull those off), never high-waisted since I have a big butt and high waist look horrible (middle height is OK), and ideally if I can find, cropped just over the ankle bone (I hate rolled up pant legs). OH and super important and harddddd to find for people without flat butts, LARGER OR LOWER BACK POCKETS goshhh, why they make back pockets so small!!!!

  • Fabulous.

    Priscilla Joy
    Dutch Caribbean

  • JBrand has become a go to favorite they seem to fit very well and wear even better. I have two pairs I love. A big wide leg bell like pair and a slimmer 814 cig leg pair. I was saling up for the 814 in black but may have to go after the 3×1’s

  • Jennifer 4 novembre 2014, 8:41

    Update: I ordered these in three styles and they are amazing. I am shocked. I am trying them on again tomorrow or a friend to be sure but these may best some of the most flattering jeans I’ve tried. I may toss out any slim and skinny jean in my closet. I am typically a size 29/8 athletic type build and after two babies the hourglass hips are bigger. the stretch is great but holds and material feels great. Try them!

  • Hate skinny jeans. I am forever seeking the Boyfriend Jean. or a decent straight legged cut. Sits at the natural waist, loose on the thighs with straight legs. The Gap’s 1969 line has them both!

  • Yes, the natural waist and straight legs!

  • Caroline 29 octobre 2014, 10:59

    I agree with you! Basic colour (but the darker, the better), normal waist (under the belly) and straight legged jeans are the best! Gap sometimes have them (but not always – or at least, not in Paris), as well as Levi’s and other non-trendy brands.

  • Oooh will have to try them! I stick to A&F’s, but I find they stretch after a while, which is so annoying!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

  • LE jean parfait qui serre bien les jambes et montre les fesses, c’est le top ! J’ai trouvé un modèle génial comme ça chez H&M l’hiver dernier… H&M !!! Donc 40€ pour de la perfection, et ça c’est plutôt un bon plan ! Je l’ai du coup acheté en deux exemplaires, parce que vraiment, vraiment parfait :)

    xx CarolineJ

  • Hi Garance!!
    You should come to Argentina to find real girls with amazing and natural butts. We are obssesed about it :)

  • For a second I thought these were my beloved Zara high rise jeans. I bought them a couple of months ago for $60 and they are PERFECT. Wearing them way too often (…) but the fit is still perfect. No saggy butts and knees with these! And they look exactly like the 3×1 denim.

    So, for the ladies on a smaller budget, definitely also check out the Zara version ;-)

  • Ahh, le jean parfait – pas facile à trouver et un même temps: un des basiques essentiels les plus importants… J’en suis à la recherche maintenant: un jean qui fait des jambes super longues et fines, de belles fesses, bref sublime dans toutes les circonstances :)


  • Those jeans are fantastic, I definitely need to get a pair!

  • Wow, I just bought a pair of these 3X1 high waists from J. Crew last week. I think they are impressive jeans–the craftsmanship is amazing and the material is quality. But if I’m gonna be picky, I like my high waists about an inch higher–probably due to my shape (smaller waist, bigger butt). I find myself pulling these up a bit.

  • I ordered mine tonight! Can’t wait to get them!!


  • A skinny person looks good in any jeans, looks good in ANYTHING. Just like in that photo. I would like to see a normal size person wearing the right jeans (not XXS). Regards!

  • Je suis d’accord avec un commentaire plus haut, le jean 001 de Sézane est parfait ! belle couleur, coupe parfaite ! : )

    Bonne journée !

  • To « Jessica ».. Insulting someone because they are skinny is the same thing as insulting someone who is big. Many women are either naturally skinny or have fit bodies because they eat healthily and work out. Think about these things before you speak.

  • Ladies, these jeans are available exclusively at our store at Le Bon Marché – Rive Gauche Paris.
    Please come visit our store :-)
    3×1 – Paris

  • Zaza of Geneva 5 novembre 2014, 9:05 / Répondre

    Take it easy. I do not think Jessica’s intention was of insulting anyone; she was just saying she found the model too skinny. Indeed, she is quite skinny.

  • A dark wash, mid rise wide legged jean worn with a thick heeled bootie never fails me year after year, but my daily uniform is a ‘worn in skinny jean’ which may seem like an oxymoron, but to me they feel right. Haven’t tried 3×1 or Zara jeans yet (I know, do I live under a rock?) as I stick with my basics: AG, Gap, JBrand, and JCrew jeans.

  • I tried these and return them. They were unflattering on my small frame. I am 5 ft 6, 125 lbs.

  • J.Crew has really comfortable jeans with the perfect stretch. My black look out hi rise skinnies are my favourite jeans I own. They also have a cropped version

  • Joséphine 3 octobre 2016, 8:59 / Répondre

    American Vintage en fait un modèle genial! Incroyablement confortable et dans de superbes teintes.

  • I like a very high waist and wide leg- almost the cut of 1940’s trousers. But I find different cuts for different looks fun to play with. I’m small waisted and ample on the backside. When I’ve been exercising a lot, I feel good in most cuts. If I’m carrying some extra weight, I feel self conscious in low rise or too thin material. But here’s what I’m still chasing…!!!… black wash that doesn’t fade to blue and doesn’t come off on my bags and tops. Any suggestions for a true, black jean?

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