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Travel Ease

Je commence déjà stresser à l’idée de mes 26 heures de vol pour rentrer à Sydney à Noël.
C’est aussi long que ça en a l’air, et un peu comme une gueule de bois, ça surprend toujours un peu plus à chaque fois…

Donc tout ce qui pourra faciliter ou adoucir ce périple sera bienvenu !!! J’adore cet adorable petit kit de voyage, une collaboration entre Clare Parachute. En laine mérinos extra-fine, super cozy sans être trop délicat ou fragile en cas de voyage un peu costaud (comme celui-ci !). Mais ce que je trouve particulièrement ingénieux, c’est que le masque et la couverture légère sont dans une pochette qui peut aussi servir de taie d’oreiller ! 

Un adorable petit complément à mon nécessaire de voyage. Bon, pas si nécessaire que ça, mais peut-être qu’avec, les 26 h se transformeront en 20h…


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  • Safe travels Neada.

    Having just made that trip myself, I’ve decided the only way I’d do it again would be if I could get upgraded out of economy — though we did get seats with extra legroom. I hope you also take the time to pack yourself some delicious snacks and some fun reading material — nothing too serious.

    And when you get back, give us a review of how well the travel pack, well…. traveled!

  • In my experience, the only thing that helps on flights longer than 10 hours is being in business or first class, which comes with lots of room to stretch out and sleep. That, a good eye mask, some Bose noise cancelling headphones and comfortable travel wear. Cashmere works well. With all of that, 26 hours is a lot less painful — you might even sleep through most of it. Admittedly, it’s expensive, but in reality, what’s not expensive about travelling halfway round the world?

  • Bon courage, 26h c’est énoooorme…

  • Extra batteries for all your electronics including the BOSE headphones!

  • J’en ai déjà un de 12h dans quelques tps, et je le crains, je ne sais pas comment vous faites pour 26h!! Une anesthésie? :-)

  • Enjoy the trip to Sydney! Love the travel pack. Need to get one!

    We’re having a massive Black Friday sale:

  • If you can get shorter ‘legs’* with super-short stopovers, that really helps. The last time I flew to London from Brisbane we stopped for an hour in Singapore and two hours in Dubai and it was SO much easier than two longer stretches!

    Also watch ALL the TV, just season after season, really helps to wile away the hours if you can’t sleep.

    *obviously I mean the ‘legs’ of your journey, but short actual legs helps too! Not that that’s something you can do anything about…

  • I take a 24 hours flight Once or twice a year and among the things that help : travel light, wear support stockings or socks ( not sexy but soo comfortable), drink a looot of water.

  • Long flights…a real style-exterminator! Eye blinds and a cashmere pashmina as a blanket are essentials. When I cannot afford business class I always take a pillow with me and make sure I check in the moment the app allows me to, so as to get a seat with extra room…hydrating cream and warm socks are also in my handbag. Chewing gum and mints to avoid the horrible plane food, because when I’m nervous I always want to nibble something… Is there anything better than traveling? Nope! ????

  • May God Bless you Neada and your journey home for Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed time, relishing the true meaning of Christmas, that Jesus was born and gave his life to us so that we might have a new life in Him and have eternal life. God Bless You!


  • jani greving 11 décembre 2015, 8:07 / Répondre

    I fly a lot of long haul flights and actually look forward to all those hours with nothing to do but read, sleep, watch movies and catch up on all those American and British TV shows ….just so I can stay informed with all that important stuff..hahaha. BUT the best part about my last flight home was the moment on the final « leg » of our 25+ hour journey when the boarding agent took my boarding pass , looked at it and exchanged it for a Business Class one…Whooo whooo. Upgrades are best when they are unexpected !!

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