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Women In Clothes

Vous vous êtes déjà demandé ce que donnerait une discussion sur le style entre des centaines de femmes ?

Un truc hyper bruyant, haha. Ce serait certainement la folie, mais aussi très instructif. Vive les femmes ! ;)

Le livre Women In Clothes est passé entre toutes les mains ici, au Studio, et on l’adore. Il explore la relation qu’entretiennent les femmes avec leurs vêtements grâce à des centaines de témoignages comme celui de Lena Dunham ou Kim Gordon. Mais ce qui nous a le plus intéressés, finalement, c’est de voir que chaque femme a choisi une voie différente – pas uniquement en terme de style mais aussi de choix de vie – pour arriver là où elle est aujourd’hui.

Les questions posées dans le livre s’appliquent au style mais vont – toujours de façon très subtile – bien au-delà : Qu’admirez-vous dans la façon de se présenter chez les autres femmes ? Les réponses dépassent elles aussi le simple cadre de la mode.

Ça nous a pas mal fait réfléchir à la façon dont on aborde/choisit sa garde-robe. Les femmes interrogées disent toutes que les vêtements qu’elles portent ont une influence sur leur moral, et ça, ça nous parle. Et vous, est-ce que la façon dont vous vous habillez joue aussi sur votre humeur ?


Ajouter le votre
  • definitely need to check out that book


  • I have truly enjoyed reading that book! Anyone who really enjoys dressing up, collecting or accessoring will love the stories in this book. The range of people and cultures that were interviewed is remarkable. It’s not a rigid look at any style per se but a collection of thoughts on how clothing influences us, the way we feel, and how we are perceived.

    I love that this book was published, it’s really quite a read.

  • Is this image from the book? I love this picture!

  • Sadly no, but we love this picture as well!

  • Would be nice to have the photo references though.. lately, there are so many great vintage photos on the blog, but mostly without any references, authors etc. Would love to have them. Maybe you can think about it? xxSol

  • oui… c’est ça que je trouve intéressant dans la mode :-)

  • J’adore ! Je trouve que l’on devrait davantage parler de l’histoire de la mode car c’est primordial pour comprendre la mode d’aujourd’hui mais malheureusement peu de monde en parle !


  • Look forward to reading this book! And yes the pic is fab, these women are so elegant and stylish!

    I always hear people say that how they dress affects their mood, and it intrigues me, but I don’t know if that’s truly the case for me. I think most time I dress according to my mood, if I’m feeling sexy I wear something sexy, if I feel like being comfy… or I dress for the occasion.

    I do think however, that some clothes do change your posture and thus the way you carry yourself. I don’t walk or sit when wearing a pencil skirt the same way I do when I have slacks or leggings. It’s the same thing with heels and flats.

    Maybe I should experiment and see what happens if I wear clothes that don’t reflect my current state but how I would like to feel…

  • Thank you for recommendation! I know what I’m going to read tonight :) Having read all Linda Grant’s books on fashion, and life I hope I will enjoy this one.

  • bavarian_blue 22 janvier 2015, 3:54 / Répondre

    You made me very curious about this book … thanks a lot for that hint! Personally I go the other way round. I chose to wear depending on how I feel actually. Sometimes I take off clothes which might be perfectly for an occasion in my mind and did a great job a lot of times, but don’t know why I’m feeling somehow uneasy wearing them this time.

  • Caroline Dé 22 janvier 2015, 4:38 / Répondre

    Bien sûr que mes vêtements influent sur mon humeur ! Quand je suis fière de la tenue que je porte, je vais sourire toute la journée et être plus sûre de moi. Si je suis dans un de ces jours où je n’ai pas le choix que de porter quelque chose de très banal, j’aurais tendance à moins parler et à rester plus calme, héhé… Plus fort que moi.

  • Sorry but I really hope that hundreds of women together will have something more interesting to talk about than clothes..

  • My mother had dresses like the ones in the picture – when I was in college I was able to fir in them! Unlike reproductions they were heavier, with stiff silk linings – and you wore a slip & pantyhose – (and back then, a girdle, though I didn’t of course) – and you walk and even stand completely different, like a stewardess on « Mad Men » – poised and very elegant.

    Lately I’ve been laboring in jeans & sneakers, and when I began dressing up again, the reaction of strangers was interesting also. I’m not sure I trust it, especially after 30. I didn’t like being run over on the sidewalk, but I’m not sure I need someone to open my door either… I have definitely had my fill of trying to wear uncomfortable or silly things.

    I like subtly interesting clothes combinations – but where I am, either people don’t get it, don’t even SEE it – or, if you compliment their style, they look down their nose at you and change their outfit.

  • MissPimpin 23 janvier 2015, 4:00 / Répondre

    Je ne sais pas si ce sont nos vêtements qui influent sur notre humeur du jour, ou bien si les vêtements influencent le regard des autres, qui lui va influer sur notre humeur ?

  • J’aimerais beaucoup lire ce livre! Moi c’est plutôt mon humeur qui va jouer sur mes vêtements. Quand je suis super bien je vais m’habiller pour me sentir encore mieux, mais quand ça va mal j’ai tendance à ne pas faire d’effort pour m’habiller


  • I would love to read this book!

    Just the other day, I was rushing around getting dressed to take the boys to school. I looked fine, but when I got home I just didn’t feel very good. I remembered I had a meeting with one of the boys teachers and wanted to look a bit more polished. I changed and felt so much better. The outfit I changed into had a bigger impact on my mood that day.

  • Love this conversation. I recently saw and ordered this book and now I’m really looking forward to receiving it!

    I have tried but cannot put a set of rules around why I feel good or not in certain things on certain days. It is very intuitive for me. But I can definitely say that what I choose to wear strongly affects and/or is a result of my emotional state that day. It always has to feel like « me, » but what that means changes.

    I don’t think this topic is as trivial as some suggest. Everywhere you go on this planet, how humans cover their bodies matters, is distinct, bears gender differences, speaks to the balance of culture and self-expression, etc.

  • I just finished reading Women in Clothes and it was one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of style, the culture of fashion, the commonalities between women, as well a unique look into self-expression. I just really, really loved it. I thought it would be more of a coffee table/flip through kind of read. However, I brought it everywhere with me for a week and read the whole thing. So insightful and a really beautiful book with interesting, fun and very emotional content.

  • Alana Veira 23 janvier 2015, 6:15 / Répondre

    I love the picture and will be checking out the book

  • Bravo pour cet article Justine! ;) Je suis maintenant intriguée par ce superbe livre!

  • YES I am so glad you mentioned this book. It is truly one-of-a-kind and wonderful. I keep thinking also what a great gift it would be if I knew any quite young women, say someone in the middle of high school or just starting out in college or at her first job. I think any woman who loves clothes (or hates them, or feels conflicted!) would enjoy this book, but to me it would be especially eye-opening for someone who is at a transitional stage, or thinking a lot about her presentation to the world, how she looks and what that says about her. And among other things about this book it that it leaves you with the feeling that your emotions about clothes (your passions, anxieties, hang-ups, imaginings) are familiar to and shared with so many other women who are otherwise strangers.

  • Ce livre est un petite merveille dénichée grâce à vous ! maintenant je peux papoter mode avec toutes mes copines ! c’est mon mec qui va être content !

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