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And here I am, unscathed* and rosy cheeked after back to back weeks of heavy uninterrupted sleep, except for a few guilty (and lethal**) shopping excursions.


So, that’s well rested and ready in a set of silk pajamas that I finally gave a distracted eye to my new year’s resolutions for 2010, earlier this morning.


I did so terribly at manifesting all these objectives, it’s almost award worthy.

In 2010, I definitely failed at sleeping more and being more sporty than I was in 2009, nor have I been more selfless with my neighbors, nor have I given up chocolate or smoking***. That said, I’ve totally succeeded at giving up Twitter****, even though picking that up more was def a resolution for 2010.

Oh yeah, and as far as cooking more goes, here is what happened :

I only got the chance to cook once this entire year and it was crêpes in order to impress some of my New York friends. But guess what, I totally flipped them perfectly in the pan. Yeah!

Oui oui.

And well, all that isn’t important. What’s important, mind you, is the question that’s on the tip of all our tongues, the exact question spinning around our heads only a year ago, the signifier and weather report of the female psyche and their attitude toward life…

So. High heels or flats?

And in 2010, we got our answer. Did you see the spring-summer collections? Flats.

Fashion has changed! And Carine Roitfeld leaving Paris Vogue has only confirmed it (Now wasn’t that the number one holiday gossip to have over a nice stuffed turkey ?). 2010 was a fascinating and also painful year for the fashion world, and even though I already feel a little nostalgic turning that page I am now totally holding my breath to see what’s coming with this new decade.

Et voilà! So it’s well rested and ready in a set of silk pajamas that I send you all big hugs, wishing you the happiest of new years, and still, more than anything, my new year’s wish is to share this 2011 with each and every one of you. To keep living without rules and resolutions, to enjoy together how fashion changes and evolves, to not sleep enough, to laugh at everything, and to talk about, in depth, absolute nonsense.

Even if we do end up putting on our killer heels from 2008, yeahhh, who cares? We do what we want. We’re free women, and that’s just how it is.

Yeah. Olé (???) !!! BIG HUGS !!!


* Seriously now, what about those emails asking me if I am “dead” each time I disappear for one minute ? Those are freaking me out !!! Yeah. Ok. I’m sorry for disappearing without telling you, and no, I wasn’t dead, just sleeping, actually.

** Wait till you see that, I’m dyiiiiiiiiiig* !!!

*** Even if I sorta quit smoking without really wanting to: smoking in NYC is like jogging in Paris, people look at you like you’ve got a neon sign that says “totally lost it” tied around your neck. Aaaaah, resolutions that achieve themselves by themselves, I love ’em!

**** I’m warning you now, Facebook is out for me in 2011. I don’t care. The movie was really good though.


* Since when do I talk like that? Oh man, I’m dyingggggggg!

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