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Curating Copenhagen’s Art Scene: Kunstsalonen

Curating Copenhagen’s Art Scene: Kunstsalonen

Anne Aarsland and Mette Helena Rasmussen are not the typical “best friends in business together” story that we’re used to hearing. They didn’t have a childhood bond that grew into a...

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emily spivack dore

Emily Spivack’s Sartorial Storytelling

Emily Spivack did not begin her career obsessed with fashion. She did not follow the every move of...

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On Career…

On Career…

I have dreadfully muddled up this editor’s letter. I have started, stopped, re-wrote, botched...

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dore career profile elizabeth roberts architect

Career / Elizabeth Roberts

As the daughter of a contractor, I’ve always been fascinated by the process of creating or...

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10 Rules of Being A Creative

10 Rules of Being A Creative

I have received so many questions for this creativity. Reading all of them and trying to structure...

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atelier dore 5 women on monetizing creativity shapes

5 Women on Monetizing Creativity

I pitched this story rather selfishly actually, because… well, I’m so curious! It’s not the...

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atelier dore jamia wilson career interview feminist press

Career / Jamia Wilson

Jamia Wilson is a story-teller. That much is clear from watching the first 30 seconds of her TED...

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Ever since I interviewed BJ Topol last year about her career as an art advisor, I’ve had a...

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Will Guidara Daniel Humm Atelier Dore

Will Guidara and Daniel Humm Make It Nice

There’s a statue on the southwest corner of Madison Square Park of William H. Seward, who...

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private investigator atelier dore

Careers / Private Investigator

Did you know private investigators exist in real life? I mean, yes, theoretically I know they exist...

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lifestyle career lauren cohan atelier dore photo

Career / Lauren Caris Cohan

Lauren is no stranger to the site. We collaborated with her and Free People on a few shoots some...

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career erin melody career photo atelier dore

Career / Erin Allweiss & Melody Serafino

Partnerships, especially in business, create such an interesting dynamic (Garance and I opened up...

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lifestyle career MJ garance dore photo

Career / Mary Jane Quan

One of the best things about working here at the Studio is that we get to meet incredible people...

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lauren goodman garance more photo

Career / Lauren Goodman

When I was growing up, my dream was to work in magazines. In school, I told people that Anna Wintour...

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Career / Mary Ellen

Career / Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen has one of those jobs that seems too cool to even be real. She’s a photographer, but...

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cathy begien career warby parker garance dore photo

Career / Cathy

Growing up, the only part-time job I was okay with having was one in retail. I was totally fashion...

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Career / Jade

Career / Jade

I met Jade in Paris…for a manicure. It’s kind of rare for me to have someone come to the...

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Career / Kirsten Green

Career / Kirsten Green

For the longest time I have been totally intimidated by the finance world. Numbers were never my...

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