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Sometimes, you have to take risks to be beautiful. That’s what I did this summer.

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holiday tales christmas garance dore photos

Holiday Tales / Garance

At our house, Christmas is kind of haphazard. We have absolutely no traditions, unless you count...

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new rich garance dore illustrations

The New Rich

I grew up in Ajaccio, a small seaside city in Corsica. There is an avenue that runs through the...

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Bonjour from Corsica

Bonjour from Corsica

A little layover in Corsica to say hello to my family and let my nephews jump on me – the...

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Corsica / Laetitia

Corsica / Laetitia

This city guide to Corsica is very close to my heart because, I mean, as you may already know,...

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La Corse

La Corse

This week, I’ll show you some photos from my vacation in Corsica. No no no no, don’t...

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