A True Home: Edwina’s Charming Interior

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When it comes to interior inspiration, there seems to be a bit of a collective consciousness around the mid-century modern, pop of color, pop of print Pinterest board look. But I’ve always been most attracted to homes that have loads of character. The older the apartment, the better. The more wood and molding, the better.

Which is why I find Edwina de Charette, who has the leather goods brand laContrie, to have the most charming Paris apartment. The influence of color and art and personal objects make it feel like a true home with compelling taste, rather than just one pulled from a catalogue. Edwina opened her doors to us and talked inspiration and design philosophy!

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

How did you find your home? How long have you been living here?
Ten years ago I was looking for an apartment in the center of Paris close to the Seine with a clear view. I always resided Rive Droite, in the 16th, the 10th and now I am in the 1st arrondissement. Being between Les Halles and Le Palais Royal, between the chic and the popular, the upscale and mainstream pleases me a lot. It took a lot of time and luck to find it.

Where do you get your inspiration for your home?
I did not want an all white apartment. I wanted a different ambience in each room. I put my tastes, ideas, and inspirations together, I wanted to take risks and make sure nothing was too monotonous. I really think that we just have to embrace our own tastes, bring together detail and inspiration, and worry about it being too chaotic later.

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo


There are so many interesting combinations of art and color throughout your home. How important is it to have inspiration around you?
I’m very interested in art. I was educated in a family that was very invested in art and beauty. My mother painted and sculpted, my grandmother practically lives in Drouot – she goes everyday! My universe is quite artistic, I used to work in the music and television industry. Seeing art makes my life easier – it’s always inspiring.

What was the process of decorating this space? Did you have a particular vision in mind?
I wanted to move from one universe to another in every room in the apartment. In the living room, which is white with white curtains, the floor and furnishings are oak. There are wooden cubes that are moveable, an interpretation of shelves.

My kitchen is a mix of a kitchen and a dining room with a hidden fridge and storage. My goal was to make it both chic and useful.

My bedroom is a little dark because I adored this color and think it feels very warm. I put an anamorphosis piece inspired by artists like Varini and Georges Rousse – the purpose is to highlight and illuminate the bedroom. I always told myself, if a room is dark and small, give it charm and soul.

The entrance is huge… but in French we say “nature doesn’t like emptiness” so I filled it with objects, globes, and paintings.

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

interior edwina de charette garance dore photo

What is your favorite room and why?
My favorite rooms are the bathroom for one decorative choice…my wooden toilets! They provide so much comfort, remind me of a cabin, the latrine at the bottom of the garden. I wanted them to be unexpected and cozy.

Does your interior decorating taste extend to your wardrobe?
I tend to think that my interior is more feminine than my wardrobe…

Is there a certain philosophy you have when it comes to designing for your brand, laContrie?
Of course! I often have big, eccentric ideas for the brand but I recognize immediately that they aren’t necessarily not conducive to the laContrie style. My philosophy for the brand is to create timeless shapes and styles – something that will evolve over the years as style and taste changes.



A True Home: Edwina’s Charming Interior


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  • High ceilings are amazing! This same flat would have a totally different feeling with lower ceiling. My favourite thing in this post is the wooden chest of drawers with marble top! ??

  • Posed on the sofa, she reminds me of a young Simone de Beauvoir a little.
    I love her place. And that fountain for a sink!

  • yes! i agree… so nice to see homes with character. strictly mid-century modern (which i’ve collected for the past 20 years) can lack interest. i’ve always enjoyed a mix of modern, antique and ethic… i’d have add the 1970s as a decade i’m really starting to enjoy in interiors.

  • Kathleen March, 4 2017, 12:30 / Reply

    That fountain sink may not be practical (hot water tap?!) but under that mirror and against the raw wood paneling? Inspired! This is a lovely space – not over the top and actually looks like it would be comfortable to live in. Well done!

  • poplab March, 4 2017, 1:45 / Reply

    Très intéressant le genre base classique teinté de déglingue. Mais où sont les toilettes en bois?

  • Eggleston March, 4 2017, 4:17 / Reply

    What is her bedroom color? Love to find out. I’ve been looking for a shade of milky grey like this for a long time. Thanks much.

  • J’adore cette femme et son univers. J’ai eu la chance d’échanger avec elle le jour où je suis venue chercher mon Rohan, elle était à l’atelier et avait un peu de temps elle est passionnante, hyper cultivée, drôle, d’une franchise désarmante. Son appartement lui ressemble, merci de nous le faire découvrir.

  • I’d like to know who painted the work of the artist and woman. It’s in the last photo and hung next to the mirror. Thanks!

  • Just lovely – and the lighting on that one shot is like a perfect movie still.

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