Ashley Merrill Understands Comfort

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Home Month at the Atelier means many things, but two of our favorites are: lovely interiors and comfy loungewear. And we’re so excited to bring you this post because it includes BOTH! As well as a super cool woman who has set out to soften the loungewear industry. Ashley Merrill is the Founder of Lunya, a luxury sleepwear company for women that modernizes what comfort can mean. We wear our PJs in our most intimate space–our home!–but, we should love and feel like ourselves in them just as much as the rest of our wardrobes. Ashley gets this. And now she’s giving us a peek into her own home for your Sunday morning viewing pleasure. We hope you’re reading this in your PJs!



Ashley Merrill Understands Comfort

How would you describe your style in three words?
Interesting, evolving, comfortable.

Do you have an ideal type of outfit?
As I’ve gotten deeper into fashion, I’ve come to see it as an opportunity for self expression. I like clothing that is intriguing and interesting – when I have time to craft something thoughtful, that is usually what I shoot for.



Ashley Merrill Understands Comfort

How does Los Angeles influence your style?
There is no question about it – living in LA my entire life has made me a more casual dresser. I’m reminded of just how “easy” and casual we dress every time I travel to the east coast.

You are the founder and CEO of Lunya, a luxurious sleepwear company for women. What inspired you to dive head first into sleepwear? What differentiates Lunya from other sleepwear brands?
I dove head first into sleepwear because I could relate to the problem and was inspired to try to solve it. In an effort to be comfy, I was wearing my husbands old clothes to sleep in! I was excited about creating something that could make me feel like my best self, help me sleep better, and be comfortable.

Pajamas are typically lingerie, the traditional (and uncomfortable!!) piped pajama set, or some kind of flannel holiday specific get up. Occasionally, you will find something soft, but no one is bringing the kind of intentionality to fabrics and designs that we are. With Lunya, we insure that there are elements that you need in your loungewear like flat seams, waistbands that don’t ride up, straps that don’t twist or slip, pockets that acclimate that cell phone you’re always lugging around the house, and best-in-class soft quality fabrics.

Ashley Merrill Understands Comfort


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