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I always thought people on the east coast were being a bit dramatic about their love of summer. It’s a season, you can’t love it that much. Oh but you can. Four winters later and summer has become one of those things I am nostalgic for while experiencing it (the ultimate test of love, I think).

This coming week we’re going to take a break from content to gulp down the last of the sunshine while prepping for our fall content we’re debuting September 5th.

In the meantime, if you’d indulge my nostalgia, we wanted to put together a summer highlight reel of sorts…

We debated running away to the woods after reading the Upstate stories of Juliette Hermant, Nhi Mundy, and Taylor Foster.

Garance went on a party circuit and took us with her for the ride! She bopped from Monte Carlo to Beverly Hills, Malibu to New York, and finally Jackson Hole where we all said, holy [email protected]#% it’s beautiful here.

We can’t forget how we lived inside a Slim Aarons photograph, if for only a sliver of time, with our time spent on the French Riviera with JJ, Elisa and Heloise. The tans may have peeled and faded, but luckily we have videos to prove we were there.

Geronimo and Chrissy Angliker let us peek inside their studios and crazy, cool minds while Lynette pondered the power of New York.

Emilie Halpern stopped us in her tracks with her beauty, and more importantly her strength. She reminded us of the power of clothes and why we are thrilled to get dressed every morning.

We slathered turmeric on our faces, dabbled with CBD oil, debated how painful laser hair removal really is, and if Vanessa should go blonde? (Update: She still hasn’t taken the plunge)

We went on an L.A. holiday where we went swimming in Malibu.

Christina showed us the power of Earth Tones, and how to wear jewelry when your skin is melting from the heat.

And, finally, we announced when and where our second retreat is happening! Atacama, here we come!

Whew. Who needs a drink?

See y’all in the fall!

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