Emilie’s Artistic Apartment

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After meeting Emilie Bouguereau and seeing her fab street style, we couldn’t wait to peek into her Parisian abode. And it didn’t disappoint. Her artist sensibility translates to everything within her home, from delicate prints to fun florals. Consider this a perfect Sunday treat!



Emilie’s Artistic Apartment

What are three words you’d use to describe your home?
Happy, colorful, and as flowery as my drawings!

What do you want people to feel when they’re in your home?
I want my guests to feel comfortable and that the space is cheerful and warm. I decorated my apartment with a lot of plants because I love the life that greenery brings! Though I lack an outside space, my living room is like a big garden, even in the winter! I think many people, like me, enjoy finding green space in Paris.





You also use your home as a studio space for your gorgeous paintings. How do you make that work? Do you like working from home?
I love the freedom it provides. I organize my time at my own convenience. I am very autonomous and do not bend easily to an imposed framework. For creative work, I believe it is so important to listen to yourself and to have the freedom to move at your own pace. Whether it be watercolors or hand-painted porcelain, my creations are meticulous and require so much patience. I appreciate not having to paint in a hurry. I start when the inspiration comes and stop when the drawing starts not to feel fluid. Then I resume when I feel it again. But, it is true that in the long-run, it would be amazing to have a workshop.

Your home is filled with so many colorful patterns and prints — much like your paintings. Where do you look for your inspiration?
My eye is very attracted to color. So, I soon found myself with colorful furniture and the large printed, flower chair that I love. I’m not afraid to mix strong colors — there is mustard yellow, Klein blue, duck green, powder pink, and bright orange just in the living room alone! People fear that it does not work, but strangely it all harmonizes together very well. It gives a joyful energy to my space and to my artistic universe. I decorated my home with many objects brought back from my travels, or from garage sales or thrifting. I like the heterogenous atmosphere that is created from mixing things from different time periods or cultures. I dare to combine elements that seemingly have little to with each other!

Emilie’s Artistic Apartment
Emilie’s Artistic Apartment
Emilie’s Artistic Apartment

You can find more of Emilie’s work here and you can follow along with her on Instagram here!


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