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Valentine’s season has arrived, but it’s time we set the record straight: Cupid’s big day is a total astrological scheduling error. Every year until February 18, the Sun is in Aquarius, which rules platonic friendships and individuality. Hardly the ideal climate for teary-eyed proposals and romance! If only we could push it forward a week, the world would happily vibe with the hearts-and-flowers hoopla instead of feeling dominated by it.

(On that note: Congratulations to Garance and Chris, who got engaged while the Sun was in traditional Capricorn!)

But the calendar’s been set, so we’ve got to work with it. This February 14, the moon will be in earthy, luxe-loving Taurus. Think: artisanal dinners at exclusive 12-chair restaurants (make reservations now), gourmet chocolate and tasteful hand-tied bouquets. It’s a rather sensual Valentine’s Day, since Venus is in fellow earth-sign Capricorn and the moon syncs up with expansive Jupiter in Virgo. Single or coupled, V-Day invites you to indulge in some hands-on decadence. Massage, anyone?

Cupid’s got some competition this month, because on February 8 the Aquarius new moon also kicks off the Year of the Monkey (www.astrostyle.com/chinese-horoscopes-year-of-monkey). The brassy Monkey is quite a departure from the weepy Sheep Year that we’re leaving behind. Come out from that woolly cocoon of coddling and self-indulgence, because the Monkey year will have us swinging from some fun new vines. Brace yourself: People will switch from being passive-aggressive to uber direct.

February 22 features a full moon in orderly Virgo, inspiring us to do a midwinter inventory of our progress and plans. With expansive Jupiter retrograde in Virgo from January 7 – May 9, haste makes waste. We may need to scale down a little or push back a launch date. No shame in taking your time to do things right. Health-conscious Virgo could also kick-start those latent resolutions to get back to the gym and eat clean.

Now, come read your Monthly Horoscope to hear what the stars are planning for your sign!


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