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Jacquie Aiche has been one of our longtime favorite jewelry designers. Her fine jewelry pieces are both luxe and fun at the same time–whimsical designs that use the most unique and colorful gemstones, mostly set in warm golds that effuse a California vibe.

The Jacquie Aiche team has a space in L.A. called, The Bungalow. It serves as the brand’s workspace as well as an inclusive and inviting gathering space for friends and fellow creatives to host events and share in the love.

Recently, we caught up with Jacquie at The Bungalow to hear more about the exciting projects on their horizon and the importance of surrounding oneself with community.



I know the brand, ‘Jacquie Aiche‘ started with jewelry, but has morphed into so much more. Can you talk about why you were so drawn to designing jewelry for women and how that lead to the path you’re on now?

Jewelry has always been something special to me. As a little girl I would spend hours in my backyard collecting rocks and minerals, and then use them to create pieces for my family. But it really all came together just over 12 years ago. I couldn’t find jewelry that felt sensual, feminine and natural…layers that I would live in and never take off. I began designing pieces and selling them anonymously in the boutique where I worked. As soon as I saw how women reacted, I knew designing was meant for me.

Jewelry has a power to really light you up…it makes you feel a certain way about yourself and about the world around you. I’ll never get enough of that feeling, sharing it with my tribe and spreading the love. Everything I create beyond jewelry has felt so organic to me. If I have an idea about a product I think my tribe would love or something that I can’t stop thinking about, I always run with it. It’s most recently manifested itself in The Gypsy collection, but there’s always more to come. Just wait and see ;)

You speak so highly of the group of people you surround yourself with. Can you tell me a bit why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who provide positive energy?

My tribe is my everything. They’re the people who give me the biggest love and who I know I can count on. When you’re surrounded by people who build you up and support you in your journey, anything is possible. And everything is more fun.

Jacquie’s Bungalow

How does the “bungalow” function as the center for this community? What are some of the events you promote around and at the bungalow?

The Bungalow is like our own little sanctuary. As soon as you walk in, you’re surrounded by crystals and jewelry… you immediately feel the shift in energy. It’s such a personal and sacred space. The whole tribe contributes to this energy, and Sylvain is our hidden gem. As a revered spiritual mystic, he offers private readings and energy cleanses. Upstairs we have Cynthia Franco, offering facials and treatments that will make you glow like never before. Whatever you need, The Bungalow is here to provide for the mind, body and soul.

This October we’ll be launching our Bungalow Series, a few private events here at the Bungalow based on wellness, self-care, and everything we love. Whether it’s practicing peace with Guru Jagat, a sex workshop with Liz Goldwyn, or a pop-up with Fleur du Mal, each one will be a chance to unwind with friends and treat yourself.

What advice would you give to women looking for their own crew?

When you find them, love them hard.



Jacquie’s Bungalow


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