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A few weeks ago Vanessa, myself, and our freelance photographer, Sally, piled into a small car and set off to Montauk. It was my first time in Montauk and as an AVID viewer of The Affair, I was giddy for many reasons (yes, I made us stop at the Lobster Roll to get lunch, duh). But beyond me geeking out on Hollywood trivia, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Let’s just say when we left Montauk 48 hours later, Sally and Vanessa had to drag me out of Montauk General Store where I was contemplating buying head to toe Montauk garb.

Over the next few days we’re going to be showing you a few of the people we hung out with while we were there. First up, Jayma Cardoso, who started the phenomenon of the Surf Lodge. We stopped by her beachside house where her son, John, rules the roost with his cuteness.





When did you first discover Montauk? What was your first impression of it?

I first started coming to Montauk 20 years ago, shortly after I moved to US from Brazil. I instantly fell in love with it. It was a real beach town full of natural beauty. It really reminded me of being home, and thus, in the long run it did become my home.

You son, John, was definitely the star of the show. What are your favorite things to do with him in Montauk?

We love going to the beach. He’s an expert at finding rocks (hopefully a budding geologist) building sand castles and we’re working on his swimming. He really is the joy of my life, each day is a new discovery.

Before opening Surf Lodge you were in the restaurant business in New York. How did the idea of The Surf Lodge come about? Had you wanted to open a hotel for awhile?

I started working at Boom in SoHo, but I transitioned into nightlife working for clubs and then eventually partnering and owning Cain and Goldbar. I really love hospitality and wanted to create a richer, more full experience. For me to create and curate the experience I wanted for guests… hotels were just the natural extension. But, I’ve always wanted to own hotels and re-engineer guest experiences.



Does your style change depending on where you are? In the city or Montauk?

I think personal style should always be a reflection of your environment with a healthy dose of your personal spirit. I’m lucky my life allows me to have both beach chic and city slick as my canvas for the fashion and style I incorporate in life.

The art collection in your house (and at The Surf Lodge) is so fun and colorful. How do you find new and upcoming artists that inspire you?

I’ve always loved art. New York is such a great place to explore and discover artists who have amazing stories to share via their work. I’m lucky to have taken part in Art Basel Miami where we’ve hosted The Surf Lodge. As well, I’m fortunate to have the likes of Richard Phillips and Edsel Williams in my life… like all good friends they introduce me to the world of so many talented artists.

Jayma in Montauk



Jayma in Montauk


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  • Hi! I love your site and have been following Garance for years now. But the chess pieces being arranged wrongly and the chessboard being oriented incorrectly (black square is always at the bottom left) is a pet peeve of mine – please pay attention to details! Otherwise – keep up the great work!

  • What a visual feast for the eyes, so many beautiful colour combinations and details. Congratulations on another gorgeous post

  • Isn’t it interesting what people’s pet peeves are? Yvette’s comment made me chuckle. I looked at that chessboard photo and thought – “how interesting- chess pieces made out of lovely colourful materials”…. But now that I go back to the photo and see everything set up out of order, I can appreciate that it might peeve the chess lovers reading the blog.
    A bit like when I look at photos of book cases where the books have been ordered by colour. The ex librarian in me thinks “what pretentious garbage… how the F do you find what you’re looking for??”

  • Tout a fait d’accord avec Kath. Les livres ranges par couleurs ???

  • Totally agree with you all of you guys! A big NO to books arranged by color! they always look like they’ve been bought for display and not to be read. But back to the blog post – what a beautiful place!

  • nice post good

  • Lets talk about the affair!!!!!! I am so traumatized?????

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