Let’s Get Lit and Guilded

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In Partnership with Roman and Williams Guild

As you might remember from my podcast with Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, of Roman and Williams Guild, I fell completely in love with not only their creativity (that goes without saying) but also the lifestyle they’ve created for themselves. Their life between New York and Montauk, Robin’s love for gardening and Stephen’s obsession with surfing. The way they met, the way they work, the way they live.





That’s why I was so happy to co-host a diner with them at their New York space, The Guild (you have to go!!!) – we celebrated the launch of their new Soleil Du Guild Original No. 3 candle, our friendship, and also six months of The Guild. In these six months, their restaurant, La Mercerie, has become the talk of the town, and I can’t be prouder to say that the chef is a French woman, so boom, World Cup and that, I am prouder and prouder to be French these days ;)

Let’s Get Lit and Guilded



Let’s Get Lit and Guilded





Let’s Get Lit and Guilded





Let’s Get Lit and Guilded

We are so pleased to announce Roman and Williams Guild’s Soleil du Guild Original No. 3 Candle launches today! It was inspired by the scents of a summer spent outdoors. It has top notes of juniper, berries, pomelo, middle notes of sheer ozone and rose and bottom notes of smoke nuances, wood and musk, vetiver, raspberry. It was designed to set the tone for those long summer nights spent with loved ones. You can get Guilded and get lit all year round by signing up for Roman and Williams Guild’s candle subscription service here. The subscription service ensures a Guild candle will be delivered to you quarterly so all gatherings in your life can have a bit of Guild in them.


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