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When Pia was in Ibiza, she wandered into a shop and coincidentally the only other customer in the shop was Liam Aldous, author of the new Loewe Ibiza book. We’re huge fans of Loewe’s commitment to culture (especially their collaborations with artists we love, like Kelly Beeman), so it was a special treat when Liam agreed to share with us what inspired him to write this book. Hint: It’s not unlike Pia serendipitously encountering him across the world…

Chance meetings – or what the Spanish call encuentros casuales – have a way of elevating a nice place into somewhere that is infinitely more special. This is probably one of the best ways to describe Ibiza. The magnetic Spanish island has long been a sanctuary for the avant-garde and free-spirited nomads.

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Opening image: Es Vedrà, Salva López / L to R: Ku, Courtesy the Ku Archive; Paula’s Ibiza, Toni Riera; Ku, Courtesy the Ku Archive; Vicente Ganesha, Vicente Hernández Zaragoza; Rossetta Montenegro, the Ku Archive

Today the island is awash with shops, bars, beaches, and restaurants that epitomize this spirit. It was in one such shop – Vicente Ganesha; a veritable Aladdin’s cave of vintage clothing and couture that counts some of the fashion world’s leading figures as customers – where I had a chance meeting with Pia from Atelier Doré and led to the very words that you are reading here.

Serendipitous moments like these seem to imbue every day in Ibiza. It is this unique quality – so often over-looked by the island’s infamous disco-circuit-tourists – that I have infused into my collaboration with LOEWE – Ibiza: Close to Paradise. The 12-chapter digital publication takes readers back to the wild era of the 70s and 80s by venturing into 12 iconic places such as the world’s infamous polysexual open-air nightclub Ku to the mystical rock formation Es Vedrà. With each character and charismatic tale, the guide provides a kaleidoscopic insight into Ibiza’s history, but also elucidates its intangible charm.

The full book is available for free download on iTunes, and its accompanying summer anthem is also available on Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Liam is also the Spanish correspondent for Monocle Magazine.

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  • I venture to say that islands seem to be havens for individuals, eccentrics artists and adventurers ! Here in the west coast of Canada ?? we have the Gulf Islands and Bohemian lifestyles are in full swing .Just a thought to give you something to ponder !
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