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Hello and happy Monday! We are continuing our Postcards from Home series with the lovely Sophia Roe! You also might remember her from here, here, and here :) If you need some additional recipe ideas right now…

Name: Soph
Place of quarantine: Centerport, New York
Quaranteam: my partner Chris, and his five year old son, Kenzo
Last thing you ate: 1/2 bag of plantain chips
Favorite dance song: Death by Disco-Tokimonsta//195-Kaytranada//
Last thing you watched: Masterchef Season 10!
Last thing you read: I re-re The Handmaid’s Tale. I first read the book in high school, so it was nostalgic to read it again.
First thing you want to do when this is all over: Give every single friend of mine a hug lasting a minimum of 90 seconds, and eat at a different restaurant at least three times a week to give as much support to all my friends in the service industry.
An indulgence you give yourself most days: Boat loads of popcorn, but I think it’s important to call out that this really isn’t out of the normal for me.
Item of clothing most worn: Entireworld socks, and a whole slew of vintage t-shirts, (my favorite being a play card tee featuring one of the greatest humans that ever lives, THE Freddie Mercury)
Workout choice or lack thereof: Right now I am loving to set challenges for myself. I love a 1,000 leg lunge challenge. It’s pretty simple, you have an entire day to do 1,000 lunges! It’s so hard, but makes my legs super sore.
Food most consumed: Lentil pasta!
New quarantine hobby or lack thereof: Puzzle making, starting and finishing a book all in one sitting, masking dates with my friends, and cooking all manner of confit (recently I did a red pepper confit, and O M G-SO GOOD!
Charity you’re supporting: One Fair Wage, they’re a charity that supports tipped employees directly.

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