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Happy Friday and welcome to Postcards from Home! The name probably gives it away but it is a new series where we will be sharing…. well… little bits about how we’re adjusting to the new normal and what our lives look like now. We’ll be featuring the DORÉ team, some friends of DORÉ and you, if you’re so inclined! If you would like to be featured please send a quarantine outfit selfie to [email protected] First up, Garance!

Name: Garance Doré

Place of quarantine: Near Wellington, New Zealand

Quaranteam: My boyfriend and his two kids

Last thing you ate: CHOCOLATE

Favorite dance song: That song by Lizzo – Truth Hurts!

Last thing you watched: Ozark, like everyone else in the world. So good!

First thing you want to do when this is over: Eat some oysters!

An indulgence you give yourself most days: CHOCOLATE, wine, cuddles with the Quaranteam.

Item of clothing most worn: My Grenson boots, which may sound weird since I am staying home, but I didn’t pack slippers and they’re about as comfortable as a pair of slippers, soooo.

Quarantine workout or lack thereof: Core Power Yoga!!!

Favorite quarantine food:Salad (really! makes me feel normal ahah!) and my morning smoothie (same thing!)

New quarantine hobby: Very honestly, no new hobby yet.

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  • Sending Love and Positive Energy from San Francisco!!!! :)

  • sheri radel rosenberg April, 10 2020, 3:43 / Reply

    Love it all but the boots. Do not get the boots.

  • Love the the concept and you! <3

  • Happy distancing with love! Well, a bar of dark chocolate, and coffee is a must to keep me positive and energetic. When this is over, the first thing I want to do is back to my daily routine in the morning, which is walking-running-walking so on and so forth, and embracing the warm morning sun. LOVE AND HUGS!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira April, 11 2020, 11:43 / Reply

    Also Sending Love and Positive Vibes from Lisboa plus a song that i think and imagine is totally you right now , Garance ,that is ,Happy in a quiet and calm place!!! It’s from Jessica Pratt and it’s called : «Here My Love».! To listen in the end of afternoon sitting on the porch!!! You both , of course !!! The album is Great !!!


  • Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à vous lire en français malgré le fait d’avoir cliqué sur le logo FR dans la fenêtre en haut à droite.

  • Stephanie April, 12 2020, 7:52 / Reply

    Waves hello from Brooklyn! You’ve picked a wild and beautiful place to stay well and be safe. I hope you’re finding inspiration everywhere.

  • BETTER LIGHT A CANDLE THAN CURSE THE DARKNESS they say, and that’s what you are doing for us! From the other end of the world, Hudson, Québec, Canada.

  • hi,
    as much as I enjoyed reading this, I still have to say it also made me irritated.. you talk a lot about „getting real“ and real life, but this situation still sounds pretty abstract to me.. so, until you decide to „take the jump“ into the deep end, where most of us are trying to survive,
    so long, all the best,

  • Olive Campbell April, 12 2020, 9:06 / Reply

    Wow you’re in Aotearoa! I live in the North Island on Waiheke, I also cannot wait to eat oysters, we grow them here on the island but obviously can’t buy them right now! I’m wanting to start Ozark but it is scary?

  • Hi. You’re near Wellington? I’m in Wellington! That was fun for me to see. Have you tried Whittakers artisan chocolate? Lots of great flavours to keep you comforted.

  • wait…a new boyfriend? do tell!!

  • Boyfriend, Garance?! Very intriguing…I so miss your writing here (I’m not a newsletter kind of gal), so maybe you can give us a life update soon.

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