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September is the month of calculated adapting.
Change: can you plan for it? In September the answer is yes…and no. We’ve entered the second eclipse season of 2015, with the year’s final eclipses falling on September 13 and 27. Fasten your seatbelt. Eclipses are wild-card moments when reality is suspended and life as we know it can get turned on its head.
The first eclipse falls on September 13 in Virgo, and it’s a partial solar eclipse. Solar eclipses can be gentler than lunar ones, because new moons mark beginnings—and who doesn’t look forward to a fresh start or a ripe opportunity? These eclipses are here to reform our approach to health, healing, spirituality, science, clean living and the environment. Virgo is an earth sign and Pisces is a water sign, so conservation of land and sea will become ever more urgent under these eclipses. 
September 27 brings the headier of the two eclipses—a total lunar eclipse in fiery, aggressive Aries. Lunar eclipses mark endings, transitions and manifestations. If it’s time to pull the plug on a job, relationship or some other situation, there will be no mincing words or waffling. Since Aries is the sign of the solo artist, it’s a perfect moment to step fully into your star power. This eclipse could bring exciting news if you’ve been working on a passion project.
In between the eclipses, there are a few other major September headlines. On September 6, love planet Venus ends a tough six-week retrograde spin, which threw many relationships into turmoil. An ex may have resurfaced, or an old lover’s quarrel flared up again. Shadowy Pluto also ends a five-month retrograde on September 22. If you’ve lapsed into old power struggles or self-sabotaging habits, Pluto’s forward momentum should get you back on track.
But just when you thought it was safe…on September 17, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde until October 9—its third and final backspin of the year. Mercury rules technology, travel, transportation and interpersonal exchanges. With the quicksilver planet doing a reverse commute, all of these areas can get easily foiled. Astrologers advise against signing contracts now, too—so if you must, read all the fine print carefully. Practice patience, repeat yourself as needed, and don’t jump to conclusions!
Also on September 17, weighty Saturn returns to Sagittarius for a two-year run. Sagittarius rules travel, higher education, entrepreneurship, religion and global relations. We can expect to see all of these areas reformed—and challenged—by structured and serious Saturn’s influence.

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