Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior

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Tali Roth is an absolute delight to be around. Chatty, funny and above all, down to earth. Hailing from Melbourne, Tali and her husband came to New York with the intent to stay a year and then accidentally fell in love with the city and haven’t left — much to our delight. As an interior designer, it’s no surprise her own home is a treasure chest of style. Keep reading for a peak inside…



Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior

How would you describe your interior style in three words?
Textured, Warm, Quirky.

Where do you pull inspiration from when designing a home?
It starts with the person. I am always most interested in my client and what makes them feel at home, energized and comfortable. I build from there. Next I am inspired by the space – what is the best layout, what is the style of the space? Does it call for certain things? It’s important to work in unison with these elements to create the most authentic interior possible. I then use my brain and pour over hundreds of images until ideas start to form into comprehensive spaces!

Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior

You use a lot of color in your designs, how do you make it blend seamlessly to create a fun and inviting environment?
It always surprises me when people comment on my use of color as I always think I use it sparingly! I definitely try not to use overwhelming colors in large proportions. I make sure colors work together (warm with warm etc) and I rarely load a space with color unless the client really wants that. I always gravitate towards a warm 70’s palette of mustards, browns, beige and rust.

You’re a mom of two — how do you design with kids in mind? Or do you design around them?
It has been great having kids when it comes to designing for families as I am a lot more empathetic to the sheer amount of crap you accumulate during this period of time. I ensure that spaces have a level of flexibility and storage so that when the adults want the space to feel sophisticated and uncluttered, it can be. There has to be a space for everything. When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, I tend to keep it light and fun and colorful BUT I don’t ever go too baby-like or overtly kid-like as I think that it ages way too quickly. Use bedding and posters to bring in a current superhero obsession rather than a painted wall mural or piece of furniture.

Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior



Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior

You recently launched a rug collaboration. Tell us a bit about it!
Yes, I did!! I have worked with Aronson’s Rugs for years and we got to talking about doing a collaboration where I would design a line of rugs (they mainly do by the foot all custom rugs). The collection is sold through a subsidiary fo the business called Empire Rug Collection which is all handmade rugs produced in just 6-8weeks. The collection is inspired by a week I spent in Venice in 2018. I really wanted to take my love of texture and warmth and merge it with my love of stone flooring that you find in Italy. I am devastated by what is happening in Venice. We are actually donating 10% of proceeds to relief efforts.

Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior



Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior
Tali Roth’s Cheerful Interior


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