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The Art of Self Discovery

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In Partnership with Mr & Mrs Smith

The magic of our retreat in Morocco last November is still resonating with us. The time we spent together, the powerful moments, the discoveries, and all the friends we made. With all of that in mind, a few months ago, we started thinking about what our second edition might be.

The Art of Self Discovery

And we really let ourselves run with our dreams. For this second retreat, I wanted magic. I’ve had a fascinating year of personal discovery and renewal, myself, so I wanted to share that with you. I wanted to go further, to an unknown land, and to reach the stars.

That is why, for our 2018 creative retreat, we’re taking you to Chile, to the Atacama desert, in the heart of a land so fascinating it feels like it’s part heaven and part earth. Geysers and salt seas as far as the eye can see. Starry nights, rare and unfamiliar nature. We’ve partnered with Mr & Mrs Smith, the travel club for hotel lovers, and will be investing in an eco-friendly hotel that’s perfectly integrated with the land. And we’ve prepared a program that could change your life.

This year, our theme is The Art of Self Discovery. In a world where everything happens so fast, where so many voices shouting at our ears, and we’re often looking for answers in others more than we are within ourselves — there’s nothing more important than developing the tools we need to listen to ourselves. That’s why making space, going into the desert, learning to look and listen to the nature around us and inside us, and why not — learning to read the stars, seemed like an obvious choice to us.

The Art of Self Discovery
The Art of Self Discovery

This retreat in Chile will also be an opportunity to spend time together, meet each other, listen to each other and share. Just like in Morocco, the self-discovery workshops will be mixed with fabulous excursions and simple pleasures like good food, being together and diving into the pool.

In all my adventures, I’ve always liked to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, share with others and live and, well, laugh, of course. And I want that to be the spirit of our retreat in Chile. But I also want us to come away from it feeling changed, recharged, and inspired.

So there you go!!!! I can’t wait to meet you. Once again, this will be a small group so we have plenty of time to take care of each one of you. We’re here if you have any questions, and we can’t wait for November 2018!

Booking for the retreat is exclusively through the Mr & Mrs Smith travel club, who share our passion for creativity, playfulness, and bringing people together.

Go to Mr & Mrs Smith for more information and to book your spot!

Traveling solo but looking to share a room? Contact us here and we can facilitate matching you in a double occupancy room with another solo traveling guest!

The Art of Self Discovery

For more information and to book your spot, visit Mr & Mrs Smith,here.


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