Headed South

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So, I’m going to be honest. Charlotte, Charlottesville and Charleston were basically all the same place in my mind till this year. I know. That is a sacrilegious thing to say and I’m sure there’s some huge rivalry between those southern cities and this Yankee is offending them all by flubbing their names. But I promise, I’m reformed now!

Because within a year, I went to Charlottesville for a wedding, Charleston for another wedding and this past weekend Pia, Caitlin and I packed our bags and headed south to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Laura Vinroot Poole’s super chic luxury boutique store, Capitol (it’s basically the flagship of style in the south), in Charlotte.

Over the next few days we’re going to take you through our weekend in the south, including a tour of Laura’s coveted store, Capitol. But first, we wanted to show you how Laura throws a party. This is how we were welcomed into Charlotte, with a farm party to celebrate Capitol’s 20th birthday that was anything but muddy.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

That’s Laura in the fuscia. I know. Swoon. She’s as gracious as she is charismatic. Upon arriving at North Corner Haven, a working farm about 45 minutes outside of downtown Charlotte, we were served spiked punched, given flower crowns, and asked if we wanted to pet baby goats. I mean. DUH, OF COURSE I WANT TO PET BABY GOATS.

We were also informed we could participate in some skeet shooting (I hit the clay target on my second try, humble brag), take a tour of the working farm, or simply sit back and sip on some bourbon.

Headed South

Some of our favorite designers were there as well, like Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato. It was more like a home coming for them as their alma mater is Duke. Lizzie was also able to debut her new blonde pixie and we think she’s the spitting image of Mia Farrow.



Capitol Atelier Dore

This party also completely reformed my opinion of what southern fashion is. When talking to Laura about southern fashion, she explained it as, “women get dressed to go to the grocery stores. It’s a sense of pride for them.” The only prints in my wardrobe are stripes and leopard — which some would even consider neutrals — so I was in awe over every print that draped so elegantly on these southern belles.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

Headed South

We were also given the opportunity to choose an item of curated vintage clothing — such as Levi jeans, army shirts, or even a mechanic’s jumpsuit — and have it customized with patches and embroidery on the spot. Something else I learned about southern fashion, they LOVE their monograms. Like, LOVE. And yes, obviously I chose the mechanic’s jumpsuit.



Headed South

By night everyone begun gathering around the long table to eat some smoked pork and okra before hitting the dance floor where Lee Fields & The Expressions belted out some tunes. Baskets with blankets could be found in every corner to either create your own picnic or pull over our shoulders as you sipped on some home made moonshine.

If southern hospitality is about comfort — I have to say this was one of the most comfortable parties I’ve been to. From the ease at which it seemed to be thrown, to the kindness of people there. Everyone was game to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation about how great the night was.



Headed South


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