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Meet Sir Joan

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Ibiza feels so romantic and deeply rooted in its cultural history of art and music. Images of the hippie island scene in the 70s flood my mind whenever I think about it. My great Aunt and Uncle even met and fell in love in Ibiza back in the day…

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Meet Sir Joan
Meet Sir Joan

The romance of the island is beautifully balanced by the stark natural landscapes and the abundant nightlife, all of which are celebrated at Sir Joan Hotel, where our team stayed on the trip. The distinctively modern, sleek lines of the hotel’s architecture and design are nicely juxtaposed to the beaches and city center nearby. While not a traditional Spanish Finca, it’s still a sliver of thoughtful paradise, with IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar, a modern Japanese restaurant with South American influences, and breathtaking views of the old city, which we got to take in while shooting from the penthouse.

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One of the best things about Ibiza is the warm, inclusivity of the people. Everyone is willing to share their favorite swimming holes and places to explore, which you’ll see when you meet one of Viviana’s friends later this week. Sir Joan does an excellent job of making guests feel welcome by offering ways to connect with locals through hiking tours and yoga. They even have adorable bikes they brought from Amsterdam that you can rent to ride around and explore the town.

Ibiza and Sir Joan could have just become a strong contender on my honeymoon list…

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  • What I love about Ibiza is precisely that inclusive atmosphere. And if you are thinking about honeymooning in Ibiza, add a couple of days in Formentera to the trip! It’s absolutely magical, the energy is amazing!

  • Darlings I will start this comment by stating I have never been to Ibiza. What I have read and heard implies that I need to go ! I have mainly read about Ibiza’s GAY life and night life ! The shots are so inviting , love the buganvilia and townscape!
    Dress The Part

  • Ibiza true gift to her visitors is the true inner freedom and joy the island makes you feel, her beauty, the scent of the forests and the amazing possibility of walking on 2000 year old country roads in the middle of August and not see anyone for hours and then when you have found yourself go back to the world completely energized, by simply choosing the parallel road!
    This island has always inspired me profoundly in more than one sense.

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