On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

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We landed in Venice and I could immediately feel the buzzing Italian energy and the warm sun on my face. I spent the entire drive to Verona staring out the window, in awe at the beauty of the Italian countryside.

On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

Upon arriving at our hotel and dropping off our bags, we promptly headed to the Signorvino Vineyard, which is owned by the Calzedonia Group. Because… naturally, what else would our first stop be? There, we got to meet the amazing members of the Falconeri team and enjoy our first tastes of Italian wine and snacks.

On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

We continued the evening with a dinner at Farina, a gorgeous, family-owned winery. We were hosted by one of the owners, who I cannot describe as anything other than the wisest man I have ever met. He entertained our group of NY-based editors and industry friends with the most thought-provoking life advice and inspiring tales of family and happiness–values that I quickly learned are integral to the Italian lifestyle.





The following morning was the moment we had all been waiting for–the Falconeri fashion show! Before leaving for my trip, I spent some time on Facetime with our very own Style Expert, Christina, to make sure the look I was packing was on point. It was :) But, more importantly, the fashion show was such a beautiful and eye-opening experience because we got to spend time backstage and were able to appreciate the luxury and intentionality behind the entire Falconeri brand, from start to finish. And, it was a true International experience as I was able to meet dozens of people who had flown in from across Europe and Asia!

On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

That afternoon, we took a tour of the factory where Falconeri’s cashmere is produced. Again, I was blown away by the brand’s dedication to impeccable craftsmanship. Getting to meet the makers behind the wares was such a special experience that gave me endless appreciation for the work.

On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

We ended the trip with an amazing dinner at Locanda di Castelvecchio, where we ate like kings and queens. I’m not kidding, we enjoyed the best pasta and wine I think I’ve ever had. And it was such a treat to toast to the Calzedonia Group for bringing us all here for this special experience and for bringing us together for these lifelong friendships! Arrivederci, Italia!

On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy
On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy



On Location with Falconeri / Verona, Italy

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