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I wish, I wish, I WISH I could remember where I read this / who said it, but in the past week and or month (time is melting on itself) I came across a reminder I absolutely love.

To paraphrase, the unnamed genius remarked that they hoped when this is all over and we return to normal (or a new semblance of normal) we will remember when we were stuck inside, we turned to artists. From television, to movies, to books, to cooking (any/all form of entertainment really), we looked to artists to distract us, inspire us, make sense of it for us.

So to that end… I thought I’d do a little round up to support the artists that are supporting us during this time.


AMASS is a great example of how artists are giving back. Artists from around the world have donated the rights to one of their prints, which you can buy for $95, with all proceeds going directly to the health care workers of New York via the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. I picked up this guy for my apartment. And you might see a familiar face in the group to purchase… ;)

Jamie Beck

We’ve featured the lovely Jamie Beck before with this style story and she’s continuing to inspire us with her #IsolationCreation series, where she takes one image a day while in isolation that you can then purchase in poster form. 10% of the sales are going to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund. We also love scrolling through her Instagram stories where she reposts other’s #isolationcreation.


I stumbled upon Lifeboat via We Transfer of all places — shout out to the editorial team behind We Transfer btw, been loving their work recently. But back to Lifeboat, a platform where you can connect directly with artists to purchase their prints and books! It even got Bogdana’s stamp of approval as a “great source of inspiration” when I showed it to her…that’s how you know it’s good ;)

Suleika Jaouad

This one is for the writers. Suleika launched The Isolation Journals — okay to be honest she launched this in the beginning of April so I’m a little late to the game, but if you sign up you’ll get a journaling prompt in your inbox every morning from some of the great thinkers and creatives living today. How. Damn. Cool. I’m supposed to be journaling. I am not. So hoping this will jump start that habit again!

And finally, I’d love to know if there are any others I should add to this list! Comment and I will update this post to reflect!


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