A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet

We fell in love with Sophie Monet’s jewelry the minute we saw it dangling from our friend’s ears. She was kind enough to let us peek inside her studio where she ideates and creates on the daily. Meet the lovely Sophie!

A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador

A Street Style with Megan and Cristina of Freda Salvador

We know this is a weird time to be putting up content as usual, but we want to continue to support some of the small business...

The minis

Easy Skincare

Clockwise from top left: The Pill, The Nue...

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Warm Accessories

Clockwise from top right: Navy scarf, Vince; Beige...

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Move with the Times

Move with the Times

With all the time we’re spending at home, the space...

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Vitamin E for the Win

Clockwise from top right: Serum, One Love; Serum,...

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Turtleneck Season

Clockwise from top right: Turtleneck, J.O.A;...

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Eyebrows for Fall

Clockwise from top right: Eyebrow Gel, Milk...

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Hoop City!

Clockwise from top right: Hoops, Deux Lions; Hoops,...

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Body Scrubs

Clockwise from top right: Body Scrub, Goop; Body...

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A Street Style with Sofia Bryant

How would you describe your style in three words?

My “style” is always changing. I don’t think I could define it with just three words, I don’t think I could really define it with words at all. I feel like it’s always evolving or meshing with like 10 other things. The best three words to describe my style would be “By. The. Day.” It’s very dependent on what my goals are for the day and who I want to be when accomplishing them. I am definitely a “wake up and be someone new” kind of person.

Women on Sex

Women on Sex

Female gaze. I often struggle with this term. Or is it a movement? I struggle to understand it. I tried to deconstruct it many...

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The Hair Diaries
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10 Years of Messy Hair

10 Years of Messy Hair

The Update #5

The Update #5

haircstasy hair ari westphal curls beauty garance dore photo


beanie or bust winter running garance dore photos

Beanie Or Bust

neada jane the chop and change bumble and bumble garance dore photos

Chop & Change

hairprint garance dore beauty hair product photo


Now Hair This!

Now Hair This!

red braid bumble and bumble anthony turner proeza scholar fashion week hair garance dore photos

The Braid Debate

the impossible hair cut isabella emmack opening ceremony

The Impossible

How To Supplement Your Health

The world of supplements is constantly growing as people strive, obsessively, for self-betterment. From at-home blood tests to app workouts etc. the quest for self-optimization is endless—and pretty overwhelming for most of us. Still, if you’re suffering from any of a handful of increasingly common modern-day ailments (think: fatigue, bloating, or even a low sex drive) etc. it’s only natural to want to feel better.

One Piece Three Ways: Checkered Pants

One Piece Three Ways: Checkered Pants

I used to shy away from mixing prints. I’m not sure if it just wasn’t my style, or if I was just a bit shy when really going for it, but it took some time to throw caution to the wind and really go for it. ...

Normal People

Normal People

When you tell people you are a writer, they like to share their stories. This is especially true when you are riding in the back of a Lyft, and that is likely because many shared-service drivers are people persons....