Prose: Personalized Hair Care For All

Who doesn’t want a good hair day? Good hair days make you feel like Mary Tyler Moore dancing through the streets of Minneappolis in the opening montage of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. We all watched Garance’s hair journey from long to short to long to short. And as you can see here… she’s back to long!

We fell in love with the founded in France but based in New York hair care company, Prose, at Garance’s recommendation for many reasons (which we’ll get to) but the top of the list is just the damn good hair it gives you day in and day out. Ah the French just get it…

All is Well with Fleur Marché

All is Well with Fleur Marché

Meredith Schroeder and Ashley Lewis are the founders behind CBD apothecary Fleur Marché that is dedicated to strict vetting...

The minis

Easy Skincare

Clockwise from top left: The Pill, The Nue...

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Warm Accessories

Clockwise from top right: Navy scarf, Vince; Beige...

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Move with the Times

Move with the Times

With all the time we’re spending at home, the space...

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Vitamin E for the Win

Clockwise from top right: Serum, One Love; Serum,...

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Turtleneck Season

Clockwise from top right: Turtleneck, J.O.A;...

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Eyebrows for Fall

Clockwise from top right: Eyebrow Gel, Milk...

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Hoop City!

Clockwise from top right: Hoops, Deux Lions; Hoops,...

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Body Scrubs

Clockwise from top right: Body Scrub, Goop; Body...

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A Beauty Minute with Rebecca Romijn

I use a gentle cleanser and washcloth. I don’t use a scrub, the washcloth is enough of a scrub for me.

I start with Oxygen Plasma, which, as explained to me by my very long time facialist and friend, Keli Stone-Urbano, “is a vital oxygen serum that transports volumes of oxygen into the tissue which stimulates collagen and elastin formation, combats fine lines, wrinkles, and plumps the skin”.

The Optimism of Spring Fashion

The Optimism of Spring Fashion

We love fashion this time of year because if we would use one word to describe it, it would OPTIMISTIC. Why ‘optimistic” in...

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10 Years of Messy Hair

10 Years of Messy Hair

The Update #5

The Update #5

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Now Hair This!

Now Hair This!

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The Braid Debate

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The Impossible

What’s Going On With Our Necks?

Bestselling author, revolutionary director, and gone-too-soon and all-around extraordinary person Nora Ephron once wrote in her wry 2006 book I Feel Bad About My Neck, “You can put makeup on your face and concealer under your eyes and dye on your hair, you can shoot collagen and Botox and Restylane into your wrinkles and creases, but short of surgery, there’s not a damn thing you can do about a neck. The neck is a dead giveaway. Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.”

Three Looks with Leah D’Ambrosio

Three Looks with Leah D’Ambrosio

As founder and owner of Wol Hide, Leah D’Ambrosio knows her way around a knit. We caught up with her in Soho last week to ogle some of these knits and chat style…

Style Story / Melanie Courbet

Style Story / Melanie Courbet

As the founder of New York-based design gallery, Les Ateliers Courbet, Melanie Courbet knows a thing or two about style. It’s no wonder the interior of her New York home is meticulously designed. We were granted...