A Beauty Minute with Susan Yara

NATURIUM first piqued our interest when it debuted on the beauty scene last summer because it boasted elegant, high-tech formulas at a very reasonable price — nothing is more than $25 dollars! With Susan Yara’s passion for all things beauty, and her veteran experience in the industry, she is the perfect woman to be at the helm of such a revelatory brand. Best news, NATURIM will be in Target starting in January, making them even more accessible to a wider audience. Read on to learn more about Susan’s beauty philosophy and routine!

A Gift Guide for Him

He’s been your personal chef and hiking buddy this entire year. Let’s gift him with a little something to make those hobbies...

The minis

Leather Weather

Clockwise from top right: Vegan Leather Pants,...

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Micellar Water

Clockwise from top right: Micellar Water, Acure;...

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Falling into Coats

Clockwise from top right: Coat, Mango; Coat, Nili...

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All the Supplements

Clockwise from top right: Supplement, The Beauty Chef;...

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Pumpkin Spice

Clockwise from top right: Boots, Anthropologie;...

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Burgundy for Fall

Clockwise from top right: Cream blush, Merit; Lip and...

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Checks, Please!

Clockwise from top right: Hat, COS; Bag, Mango; Skirt,...

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Creams for the Hands

Clockwise from top right: Hand Cream, Pai; Hand Cream,...

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Shop Vintage with Display Copy

I have always had a real bone to pick with the conversations surrounding fashion and sustainability. Something never sat well with me when I was told to buy something made of recycled plastic water bottles. I watched too many people in my eye line simply discard their “non sustainable” clothes and re-stock their closest with the sustainable model. It made me cringe, to say the least, and it made me furious, to say the most. Too many were too concerned with an outward sustainable appearance to take the time to understand what was really the most sustainable option — to not buy something new until it is needed. Not needed because you wanted it, but needed because your existing puffer coat had been worn to shreds. And only then do you either buy secondhand or replace it with the best sustainable option. The most sustainable option is simply, buy less. But we refuse to hear it.

Three Looks with Danielle Williams Eke

Three Looks with Danielle Williams Eke

We are headed back to the West Coast (hello beach in winter!) to bring you this Three Looks with Danielle Williams Eke, who is...

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Holiday Gift Guide, For Your Girlfriends

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From timeless fashion to indulgent fragrances, here are our picks for that woman in your life who has kept it all together. Because 2020 was the year none of us expected, which is why we are determined to make the most of the holiday’s spent at home with our nearest and dearest.

Day Into Night with Ana Ortiz

Day Into Night with Ana Ortiz

I first met Ana Ortiz on a dance floor of a small boîte de nuit in Paris. It was my birthday and she was new in town; we had been introduced by a close mutual friend in California. It was Ana’s year of ‘oui’...

In Her Words: Kate McLeod

In Her Words: Kate McLeod

Last year, Amazon Prime teamed with The New York Times and released the Modern Love series. The second episode, When Cupid is a Prying Journalist, is based on Kate’s story. Admittedly, her story does have a fairy...