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On our recent trip to Rome – I got a few moments to speak with girl-on-the-rise Alicia Vikander (she’s a new muse of Louis Vuitton!)

She’s lovely and kind in person, and was more than happy to oblige in a little chat while amidst a rousing party. With her newest film Man from U.N.C.L.E. coming out this week, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to her!

And now, a brief look into the life of an actress!

If you didn’t play your character in the film, who would you have liked to have played?

I must say, Elizabeth Debicki’s character. Playing the villain, I think it’s such an amazing choice. They gave two women badass parts for this film, a spy film, but also made the villain a woman.

Did you have a favorite costume that you wore while you were filming?

I think, it was this. It’s sad though in the film, you don’t see the back of it that much. Even Joanna, the costume designer, and I told the director of photography “you have to shoot it a lot from the back because it’s so gorgeous!” It’s the green dress that I wear to the racetrack, but I had this jacket on with a hat in the beginning, but in the back it’s these carved out circles, all the way down the back. I love that. I think that was quite extraordinary.

Did you try to take anything? From your costumes?

I think it’s a conversation that I should have tonight with Joanna now that we’ve talked about it!

They were all custom-made for you, so that’s kind of special to have something from the wardrobe.

Especially some of the dresses, all the dresses that were made for the stunts. It’s funny when you go on set, and you go into one of the trailers and you have 10 versions of one costume. If something happens, and that rips, you just get the new one. I went through quite a number of the same costume.

Last question : if you could moonlight as one thing what would it be?

At one point as an actor, you get to do that, be something else! When we closed down the Spanish Steps I was pretending in my head that I was Audrey Hepburn running down the steps.

I don’t think you get much better than that.

No it was quite extraordinary, to step into that role, with the extras. It was incredible.


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